The FOP Escape

Dealing with a breakup or planning a long pending reunion with school friends, a proposal date for your partner or an anniversary staycation for your parents, FOP Escapes has got you covered.

The FOP Escapes are a set of curated experiences based on your whims & desires, within your budget and preferences, sent directly to your inbox.
We analyze your quirks and what exactly is it that you are seeking for based on the questions below, get the basics in check and get back to you with a set of curated experiences, we can vouch for.
Skip meeting your friends over dinner at a loud restaurant, rather opt in for a private karaoke session followed by a cycle ride across the Marine Drive or gift your mother a Thai cooking class this birthday instead of the cliche crockery set.
We have something for everyone.
Pay only when you have finalised your dates & experience.
P.s. At present we operate only in Mumbai & Goa.

The FOP escapes are handpicked experiences you may never even know existed, for these are curated, keeping you in the centre. Just share your preferences, occasion or absolutely anything you have in mind and help us weave out an escape for you.

We will do all the boring, back end work for you – getting in touch with the vendors, negotiating prices and terms and ofcourse crafting bespoke experiences for you.

Fill the form below with all your heart and tell us what you have in mind –

We will now send you a glimpse of what we can plan for you. After you receive our mail, simply get in touch with which experience would you like to go ahead. However, if nothing from the list piques your interest, feel free to send us a mail and we may just send in some more recommendations.

So are you willing to escape your mundane life and live a little for yourself now?

What do u think?

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