India’s First Ever Adult Camp is here |24-25-26th August at Goa

Tell me of one person who would not want to go back to a summer camp?

Especially when they are unlike your childhood days, one where there are no rules absolutely!

If your answer is a whopping YES, you’ve arrived at the right place – Ga Ga Goa!

Ga Ga Goa is a 3-day experience “only for those between the ages of 18-34 years” that combines your favorite aspects of childhood fun along with the best of what being a grown-up has to offer.

Dates – 24-25-26th August

Location – India’s party hub, Goa!

Our all-inclusive package includes:

  • Accommodation
  • Endless adventure sports
  • Fun activities
  • Epic pub crawls
  • Delicious meals
  • Plenty of leisure time
  • And of course the camp magic that makes a long a weekend feel like a lifetime.! Everything here screams “Play like a kid, party like a grown-up!”

If you thought Goa is just about cheap beers & beaches, you’ve definitely not seen Goa during the monsoon!

Ready for the experience of a lifetime?

Any doubts? Call/ WhatsApp at +918898 316 055!!

Itinerary –

Ga Ga Goa Detailed Itinerary.png

Ga Ga Goa Detailed Itinerary (1).png

FashionOkPlease invites you to (6).png

Please note –

– We have separate dorms for men & women, so ladies, please don’t be apprehensive!
– Misbehavior of any sort won’t be tolerated.
– For anyone uncomfortable with the idea of staying in a hostel, let us know. We will book a separate room exclusively for you (Additional cost)
– Price includes everything right from all meals to accommodation to activities. You just need your wallet for shopping & booze.
– They say Travel light; we say what the heck! Carry all your best outfits!

Any doubts? Call/ WhatsApp at +918898 316 055!!


Adult camp goa (2).png

Ga Ga Goa is not just about the cool destinations we visit or sleepovers at the bunk – it is the experiences that have you telling stories for decades. But how it will actually change you as a person, that’s through the people you meet; the strangers who become closer than family!

After all real magic happens when you put a group of young, spirited adventurers together.
Adult camp goa (1).png
So are we seeing you already?

Also, while you are here, don’t forget to spread the love & share on Facebook & WhatsApp!

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