DIY projects!

Hello People!
Welcome to a refreshing new page, solely on DIY projects. Its an exciting topic for most of us!
But there’s something I have to confess here, this page is a mix of projects, both with fashion and non fashion stuff. Also one more confession that not all pictures are mine. Few are my own photos while few are from the net. Most of them are from Pinterest and Honestly WTF. Then there are a few also from the app, Recyclable designs. Have a look, take a cue, and lastly EXPERIMENT!
I made this cute little key purse, a tiny something. Here’s a glimpse- lots of geometry there!
What all you require:
Begin with the lines and cutting-

Zoom and click on the pic to get the lines.
Fold and staple.

Stitch a beautiful button and other gems to take it a to a complete new level. There you have it!
Here’s my DIY kit. ORGANIZING is the key word here, such that you get your items right even in a jiffy and they easily meet your eyes.




After all’s displayed at an accessible way, your mind is clutter free for some project. Now here are a few DIYs made by me,

1. image

So there was this Antiquity Cardboard jar, I thought why scrap and made it a vase with some paper flowers. Another way of making use of it was this,

2. image

You can also make this from a tissue paper roll.
Here’s the original piece,

3. image

Next, I made this chain from 3 broken beaded bracelets, it’s all about your color coordination .Just break free and mould your imagination, what’s the harm?

4. image

Also this anklet from a chain

5. image
Then how to recycle earrings? Wait, what? Crazy no!
Just entangle a pair of earrings in each other, run a chain through them and Lo Behold! Here are my samples, the earrings have disappeared and are untraceable!
6. image

7. image

Next, not really a DIY but could help, I transformed a chocolate box ( Cadbury Celebrations ) to store my neck accessories.

8. image

I used a empty Relispray bottle for my bangles,

9. image

Original idea being,

10. image

Then, I wanted to gift my friend a few accessories but with a personal touch and then I made this. Its a transformation in less than 5min but a drastic one.

11. image


Now a few DIYs which I plan to do soon myself, here’s a glance.

12. image

And how easily you get such an awesome bracelet! With just some mastery, I doubt it’ll take more than 15min!

13. image

A spare zip? Here’s a fashionable solution!
Boil a trashed CD in hot water and break into pieces, adhere it to the collars of a plain shirt. Voila! You have a new shirt!

14. image

Those buttons and too old cuflins, your parents have saved! How about we make use of them?

15. image

Old tank tops! Now short, shrunken, faded but can’t throw them?

16. image

Boil a scrapped CD in warm water, break into pieces and adhere to the collars! Voila!

17. image

So how did you find this page, pretty interesting I hope! Its more fun to try these than viewing! The best part is you have 100% freedom to break the rules and yet you’ll be highly appreciated! So just break free and make these and let me know how they turned out! Deal 👍 or 👎?

2 thoughts on “DIY projects!

  1. Lovely Hacks!!


    1. I’m glad u liked it Shraddha! 🙂


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