About Us

Leena Singbal; fashionokplease

Hola people!

‘Jack of all, master of none’ That says it all for this blog!

Wondering what you just read? Lemme explain.

We are a team of 6 riding across India where we talk about the different adventures in our lives.

Fashion | Food | Travel | Events are a few categories (read passions) of this blog and we love sharing them with the world. Needless to say, we’d love if you would want to contribute and send in your inputs too. We’d love to feature them.fashionokplease fashion blog mumbai

fashionokplease food blogger zomato restaurant review mumbai

fashionokplease travel blogger

When we talk about a product/restaurant/event/service we just don’t expel some rosy jargon and let you decipher the rest. We invite you to be a part of our virtual experience and savor it with us. Thus this blog goes much beyond just words, the videos & the infographics you see. It speaks about places without putting it all in words, about the food without decoding its fine ingredients & fashion without following any rules; I love capturing the aura & feel of the place all naked & catch the drama candid.

Doesn’t that feel natural and at home?

And I brag when I say I am no genius in a particular forte. I love penning down random stuff on the blog that I am sure you’ll enjoy reading. And yes, we love unique, out-of-the-box thoughts !

For brands –  special coverage, brand collaboration, product reviews, event coverage, customized/curated content, Social media campaigns and other customized plans! 

Share all details with us only on our Contact Us page.

That’s all folks !

11 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Wonderful Blog!!! I get most required information from your blog.

    Keep writing Leena! Keep inspiring us.


  2. Gr8 Work.. will surely follow your blog 🙂


  3. Lovely blog Leena. I enjoyed the post. Have a fun weekend. http://fashionablyidu.blogspot.com/


    1. Thanks a lot, Idu. 🙂 I’ll surely go through your blog too.


  4. You look so beautiful, Eager to meet with you, And after reading your blog, I think Fashion is one of the most powerful commudity to use. Thanks for sharing this, Keep on blogging.


    1. Hey Mr Sumit, Thanks a lot for those compliments. And I’ll surely continue blogging! 🙂


  5. Marcus at Ideal Media October 9, 2014 — 23:22

    Hey Leena,

    We are looking for fashion bloggers like yourself who are interested in reaching a larger audience to join our new social platform which will help you build an audience and reach new followers for free without requiring any time to manage. Reach out to us at social@idealmedia.com if interested. It only takes 5 minutes and its free. Great way to represent for Mumbai, as you would be the first blogger from that area.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wonderful content and neat look! All the best!! 👍


    1. Thanks a lot! That keeps me going! 🙂


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