How I recreated 4 outfits from 1 lehenga

What is all the fuss about repeating clothes? If repeating clothes was a crime how could one even call themself a fashionista? So I thought of writing a quick post on recreating 4 different outfits from just 1 lehenga. And I’m proud of it – because this lehenga isn’t your regular one – It’s an awkward yellow shade with bling patches all around.

For starters, when I bought this one, I was very skeptical. I’m usually the kind of girl who won’t wear something she’s not comfortable with irrespective of its price and colour suitability, but I just trusted my mother who thought I’ll pull it off with multiple styles. And yes, it’s safe to say, I’ve made myself proud.

Putting together 4 quick looks I’ve recreated with 1 lehenga.

  1. The first time I wore the lehenga was for my SIL’s baby shower. It was a day event and demanded bright colors. So there I stood, after umpteen permutations and combinations (literally raiding my mom’s and aunt’s cupboards) with the lehenga on. Paired it up with a backless black blouse, dressy black dupatta and show stopper golden jhumkas. Played safe, did I? Yes. Reusing old clothes
  2. The second time I wore this lehenga was for Garba. I don’t have a picture but I’ll try my best to give you a rough idea. Think – A bright fuschia Kurti, this mustard yellow lehenga and mirror work earrings. That is what Navratri looks are made up of right? Bling and loud vibrant colors!
  3. The third time I wore this lehenga was for my best friend’s wedding. Do you agree friend’s weddings are the best places to experiment with your outfits? Like you can go wrong, show your skin, flaunt your waist and yet not mind the judgemental eyes? Because who cares!repeating clothes After playing it safe all this while, I decided to go out a little loud this one time and here’s what I could come up with. A light golden blouse with a deep back and a blazing dupatta that fell easy on my shoulder. Went a little overboard with accessories and put on traditional green bangles and blue danglers. I’m surely repeating this outfit sometime in the future! ❤
  4. And finally here’s an outfit I wore this weekend for a friend’s reception earlier this week.repeating clothes The jacket is stolen from my mom’s cupboard. It’s actually a cape off a sleeveless dress. I’ve just tucked in a plain black slip dress in the lehenga and topped it with the cape. Again basic earrings and a golden watch to draw attention to the outfit.

Personally, fashion for me has always been about experimenting. I get a high when I’m successful at mixing n matching my outfits than sporting an expensive dress I’m not sure whether I’ll ever wear again.

Also, while basic rules of repeating clothes have taught us to stick to basic and nude colours, it is evident, one can sometimes go overboard and try playing out of comfort zones by trying clothes in different shades and fabrics.

So here’s a rule to swear by while buying a new piece of clothing – can you think of 5 quick ways to amp up the piece? If yes, go for it. If not, give it a second thought. I’m trying to practice minimalism and this is one mantra that has helped me. Maybe you should try it too? Lastly, repeating clothes is cool. Get your creative juices churning and play your wardrobe like it’s no one’s business!

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