Think traveling is unsafe? These 5 short travel stories will relieve your faith in humanity!

After talking about bizarre statues and weird airport outfits, we thought of penning down a mellow post around traveling. Our girls shared travel tales, tales that changed their perception of traveling.

So if you are one of those timid ones, scared to take your first ever solo trip, here are 5 real-life stories that will revive your faith in traveling.

  1. I had that happen to me when I visited San Francisco! It had fallen out of my purse on to the street and at some point was picked up by a man who, finding my debit card and ID, took it in to a local banking office and had them mail it to me. When I received it, everything was still in it, and he had written me a nice note. I was blown away!

– Kate


2. I lost my wristlet in ewr a person found it and message me on Facebook. I live in New Jersey and so did the person that found it. Shocking so I was able to get it back.

– Nancy

3. I recently stopped into a restaurant and it was insanely busy due to a World Series game. I grabbed a drink at the bar to wait for a seat but soon discovered it was gonna be a looooong wait. I peed and paid my tab and we went home to just order delivery food. I left my f**king phone on the toilet paper holder bc it was in my butt pocket. I didnt remember this until I was home 30 mins later. I kept telling myself the whole way back that people are good and my new phone is gonna be there still. When I walked back in I was frantic and hostess had my phone. And they complimented my kitty who is on my home screen lol. Secondly, I work in the restaurant industry and tonight I left my black book in the bathroom. It had A LOT of cash in it as well as other stuff. I didn’t realize I left it in there until 30 mins later. It was exactly where I left it entirely in tact. Moral of my story is more often than not people are good and kind. And I have a problem leaving things in the bathroom.

– Cassi

4. I left my handbag on the door hook in a bathroom stall at the airport in Beijing. Had all my money and passport and boarding pass. It wasn’t until we were ready to board that I realized I didn’t have my handbag with EVERYTHING in it. It was a horrible and sick feeling. I ran back to the bathroom (no easy task as it was at the opposite end of the terminal), ran into the stall to find it was gone. I wanted to vomit!
There were a couple of cleaning ladies in the bathroom. They didn’t speak English and I don’t speak Chinese but my tears and obvious desperation clearly explained my situation. One of the ladies went into the supply closet and brought out my purse. She took my passport out of the purse to confirm I was the legitimate owner and handed it all back to me. To say I was grateful is putting it mildly. I tried to give them some money as my way of saying thank you – neither one would take anything. I do believe that was the happiest moment of my life.

– Barbara

5. One day before I moved out to Tampa,Fl from Barcelona I went to the supermarket and I dropped my little wallet there, I went crazy looking for it because I had my only two debit cards in there, I had no cash and I had to take a flight the next day. Late in the evening I received a call from my health insurance, a lady found my wallet called the health insurance to have me called, the insurance people contacted me to give me her phone number and address. I couldn’t be more thankful to that sweet lady. She even told me to open it and make sure everything was there.
I think Europeans empathize more in this kind of situations, they’re also much more civilized.

– Sabrina

So what do you think? Are you ready to take the plunge?

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