Would You Dare To Wear Any Of These 11 Outfits To The Airport?

Airport OOTDs have been a thing since decades now. And while everyone claims comfort is key, these 9 girls dare to do the different. After a listicle on weird statues of the world, it’s time to check out some weird-and-some-beautiful outfits these girls wore to the airport.

FoP asked a group of travel fanatics for their airport outfits, expecting some obvious ones like sweatshirts and leggings. But the response left us speechless ❤ ! 

This chick has her priorities straight in life !


More like an aeroplane face-fit, this girl sure knows how to make most of her idle time during traveling.


BFF Goals people?


We often end up wearing jeans/ leggings to the aiport. But look at this effortlessly put together outfit. It screams comfort! ❤


In a word, Goregous!


Imagine having a midnight flight & this one enters the aircraft!


I must admit, I’m scared of walking on the horizontal elevator. But jumping on it? Impossible!


Hawaii vibes right from the airport?


All black? We love, we approve!

And we forgive you for wearing glares indoors.


Comment below if this has ever happened with you!



Such royal feels while traveling! ❤ 



We hope you are loving our new format where we post what real people like you and I are sharing with us. What are your thoughts? What would you like to see more of in the next coming days?

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