Can you really move on over someone? Well, here’s my story.

I’m leaning against the window of the bus trying to grab some sleep when I get a whiff of a familiar fragrance and again, after almost a year, I’m reminded of him… Why isn’t moving on easy? Rather, can you really move on over a person completely? 

In my limited experience, I’d say a no. The sooner you give up this idea, the faster and easier the process will be. Moving on, apart from the phrase, perhaps doesn’t even exist in real life.

Rather, it’s better to give in to your emotions. At least that is what I did – cried my heart out for a couple of days until grief had no space. Don’t press your emotions and be hard at yourself – loosen up. Unlike what Google search results may show, don’t jump on meeting friends and distracting your mind by engaging in activities all day long. Rather, detox yourself from the toxicity in the mind (and heart) and then catch up with your buddies. 

Most importantly, let your emotions flow freely. Don’t suppress them.

Avoid calling him but if it’s been days & weeks you’ve been crying & starving, I’d say go ahead, make that call & talk to them as if nothing happened. May do you some good.

 Now all said & done – here’s what really worked for me – don’t try hard to move on.

Get one thing straight – whoever around says they’ve moved on – never loved the other one with all their heart & soul or they’re simply lying. 

And even after years of breaking up and moving on, there will be days where a particular place or an old song will break you from inside. But smile it off. Think of the good times with him. I’m sure there are innumerable fond memories compared to the sour ones. Shed a tear or two if it helps. But again don’t wipe your tears and shrug off your feelings. Not everyone is lucky to find a perfect partner, twice.

Another thing that worked for me – We used to often travel together to college or take a stroll in our vicinity. Needless to say, we had countless memories and jokes attached to every corner. So after we separated, every time I took a walk around the same area, I had a chill run down my spine. I was reminded of the good old days, the silly jokes, sometimes the fights. Obviously, I broke down on the inside. But in a bid to move on, I challenged myself to take the same route everyday. Yes, so what if I cried once again; this had to stop someday. I had to gather all my pieces and move on with life. And gradually, it took me months (no kidding) until I could walk down that lane with a smile on my face.

Why smile you may ask? I realized over a period of time that I had made new memories here that had almost replaced the old ones. Once I walked the road with another friend, and so the next time I was all by myself, I recalled my friend’s comment on a funny signboard and broke into a smile. At another instance, I even remembered a juicy gossip my friend told me under the banyan tree on the same road. And there, slowly a part of me was changing, embracing the present, moving on over the past.

All I am saying is, when you feel low, don’t fake a smile. Don’t abandon your feelings. It’s absolutely ok to be sensitive and talk about them than pretending to be at merry.

Years later, you will still have gloomy days – when you will come across a familiar fragrance and a thousand memories will be thrown at you – my take at it – take it in your stride and smile. You’ve survived it.

P.s. Phew! Poured out my feelings on the blog after a long, long time! What are your thoughts about it? What’s your ‘moving on’ story?

I’d love to know in the comments section below! ❤



6 thoughts on “Can you really move on over someone? Well, here’s my story.

  1. Hey Leena!
    I think you’re spot on here. I don’t think you can move on from any person. I feel the right phrase should be “Moving Forward”.

    Moving forward is empowering from the word go. Also the pre conceived notions about moving on that society or movies have been fed to us, give us this unreasonable expectation and a heavy burden to carry on.

    Instead of escaping the situation what one should do is dwell into the fact, accept that its over, shed a tear and look forward to other things that life has to offer.

    Well, I could ramble on and on here, but in a nutshell, life doesn’t give us anything for which we aren’t ready. So let’s cry a little, smile a little, laugh a little because in the end it’s a big fuckin movie and you’re its actor, director, cinematographer, and music composer. Make it the best you can.

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    1. I agree with each & every word there! And ‘moving forward’ absolutely makes sense. One should accept the new feelings, present situations & move ahead in life. Suppressing feelings will do one no good but hurt back at some point in the future. So better to cry it all and accept the facts & reality than pretend to be at gay.


  2. Was difficult..! reaching the end of this blog post
    My heart just got heavier and heavier with every line..!
    Like pushing against heavy winds tryin to get on the top a snowy Mountain!
    I can feel you..! we have all been there..
    and you sure have put in your heart and soul on this blog post..!

    Gaurav Soni.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Gaurav, it’s comments like these that make a blogger’s day. Tried to put in all I could. 🙂


  3. Every word touched me. Every sentence was so relatable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot ! I’m glad you found it relatable! 🙂


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