5 Basic Tote Bags We Have Our Eyes On

Totes have been an all-time favorite with us girls. They are classy, sophisticated and you can just dump in all your random stuff. Carry them to your office or pair them up with denim shorts, you are good to go!

So today I thought let me put up 5 basic tote bags you can carry at your workplace, at the airport or basically anywhere absolutely!

  1. Straw Tote for beach-sy vibes

Such a simple look put together – basic black spaghetti top, sneakers & shorts. And then comes a statement straw tote bag. We’ve already seen Sejal Kumar donning it here.

Get yourself a similar one at Baginning .

2. Airport Look

I came across this look recently and loved the simplicity –

We all need a bag to stuff everything while at the airport and what a better tote to carry all of it in than this. Get it right here.

3. Travel OOTD on the go

Talking about Airport OOTDs, how could we forget to have a tote for our wanderlust!

Graphic caption bags be the best

Throw everything in these caption bags when traveling. Go for colourful, printed bags.

Check this one out at – https://baginning.com/p/black-canvas-tote-bag-large-handbags-for-travel.html

A versatile tan bag

I’ve been lusting over Tan and no kidding I have about 7 bags – from slings to tote all in different shades of tan. Match them with your sandals and you are good to go.

Here are 3 completely different looks united with tan bag.

Get the feels?

Our suggestion is to invest in a large statement tan bag. Like this or this.

5. Transparent Sling bag

Lastly, put on some colourful clothes and quirky accessories and complete the look with a transparent sling bag to complement it all.

Take a cue from these outfit inspos-

Get your hands on these right here.

That’s it guys! Those were 5 basic tote bags you can carry to work, at the beach or while traveling.

We are about 752 of us! Let’s stay in touch? 


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