World’s spiciest chilly in a cocktail? Get it at Yazu Andheri West!

You enter a restaurant on a Friday night. You make your way through the buzzing crowd and the manager greets you with a warm smile only to take down your details on a sheet already brimming with ten other names.

“60 mins waiting, madam.”

Sounds familiar, eh?

The good folks at Yazu – Pan Asian Supper Club found the perfect solution to this bummer.


While it wears a modest hat and appears to be a vibrant restaurant, Yazu has introduced a system wherein you can sit on the bar stools or the sled outside and order from a pre-selected menu until you find an unoccupied table. Ideal for the weekend nights when all you want to do is unwind but end up walking in and out of every possible eatery looking for that one available table. This themed menu changes every four Fridays. On our visit yesterday, we could choose from a host of options of dimsums and cocktails.


We started our meal (or should I say pre-starters) with Classic Har Gao. Thin skinned, but packed with fresh and full-bodied prawns.


For him, we ordered a chef’s signature – Truffle Edamame dumpling. Creamy, moist minced edamame tucked under pleats of the dumpling, these are a must-have. Not to forget, the delicate flavor of truffle oil that takes it a notch higher.


After gulping two entire portions of dimsums, we concluded on a Classic Chicken XO Dumpling. Tender chunks of chicken with micro herb detailing.


We paired our dimsums with carefully crafted cocktails.

Began with a vodka-based cocktail, with a twist – it came in with the world’s spiciest chilly: Bhut Jolokia. This mule was hot as expected but oh so refreshing! A riot of chilies and ginger ale on one hand and honey and lime juice on the other – somewhere in between we relished this cocktail till the last sip.


Next, we had Oriental Sour – a version of Whiskey sour but with the tinge of kafir leaves and galangal. Yazu is a pan Asian restaurant and these twisted flavors sure do the talking.

For the second round, we tried another crafted cocktail – Wasabi Martini. Again, spicy for our taste buds, but we’re not complaining.


And just before moving out, we ordered Upside Down Old Fashion which had Whiskey at its base but the burnt star anise stole the show.


We couldn’t make up our minds – whether Yazu is a fine dine or a lounge. The artifacts and lamps thrown around lend it an opulent touch but as the clock touches ten, the volume goes up and you’re sure to tap your feet. The waiters are courteous and know their offerings well. Ten on ten in terms of location (It is right besides Infinity Mall, Andheri) and the vibes.

All I can say is, We can’t wait for the next theme!

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