Goa Portuguesa by Suhas Awchat – Undoubtedly India’s Best Seafood Restobar

No, I haven’t been to all the seafood restaurants in India but when a restaurant has stood the testaments of time for over 30 years and been talked about by ace celebrities and publications, you know you cannot go wrong!

An evening spent at Goa Portuguesa Mahim was one that won’t be forgotten for a long, long time. 

Goa Portueguesa mahim ambience
Goa Portuguesa, Mahim Ambience


To begin with, the Ambience – Goa Portuguesa, Mahim has a very relaxed air about itself. Originally built out of a bungalow, the vibes are cozy and have a vintage charm of the Portuguese era.  

One cannot miss the live performance at Goa Portuguesa, Mahim

As you settle down, you cannot miss the live strolling guitarist serenading the diners. He hands you over a booklet with hundreds of songs and you get to choose according to your mood.

It’s evident by now that the owner of Goa Portuguesa, Mr. Suhas Awchat has a nose for the vintage-world charm of Goa and this restobar lets you soak those vibes each passing minute. Talking about the owner, what’s commendable is that you will often find Mr. Awchat having a warm chat with his visitors right on their tables. 

Veg Colada Soup - Goa Portuguesa, Mahim
Veg Colada Soup – Goa Portuguesa, Mahim

Coming to the food, we started our tasting session with Veg Colada Soup – Don’t be disappointed when I say ‘veg’ because this soup puts to shame some of the best non-veg soups. If you are a sucker for thick wintery soups, this one’s for you! A creamy brew of milk, spinach, potato and a hint of garlic is just what you need on a breezy day in Mumbai.

Next up, we had my favorite (expect me to say this innumerable times today) – Prawns Rissois

Prawns Rissois
Prawns Rissois

If #FoodComa exists, Prawn Rissois is fatal! Gooey cheese and generous crunchy pieces of prawns in a thick crust make this dish stand out.   

They also have a veg variant with paneer stuffing, but I’d any day prefer the Prawns one. 

Veg Rissois
Veg Rissois

Next in came a plate of grilled succulent spice rubbed Rawas. Fresh & oh so tender ❤ !

Spice rubbed Rawas
Spice rubbed Rawas

And if you think why I am not moving on to the Main course, here’s a starter you have to try even before you think of the mains – Stuffed Crabs – 

Stuffed Crabs
Stuffed Crabs

Trust me, you can skip all meals at Goa Portuguesa if you have a portion of their stuffed crabs. This happens to be one of their signature dishes and no wonder why!

Think of crab filling in a scooped out crab shell and topped up with the goodness of cheese. These guys prove crabs need not be a messy affair!

Mr. Awchat tells us that crabs at Goa Portuguesa are procured from the deep seas unlike other seafood restaurants and hence do not carry even a tinge of petroleum.

Then, talking about the Main Course – 

Main course at Goa Portuguesa, Mahim
Main course at Goa Portuguesa, Mahim

We tried few of the finest curries and Indian loaves of bread (including Amboli) at Goa Portuguesa – 

The juicy pieces of mutton in a robust Mutton Vindaloo curry to the spicy Chicken Xacutti – each preparation had a distinct identity of its own and coupling them with ambolis, kadak pav took it to the next level. 

Of course, the highlight of the dinner was Goan Prawns Curry with brown rice. Being a Goan myself, I can totally validate the curry. 

Tender Coconut Cashew Nut Sukke
Tender Coconut Cashew Nut Sukke
Tender Coconut Cashew Nut Sukke



Another signature dish by Masterchef Mrs. Deepa Awchat, this is another Veg. preparation you to ought to try on your visit to Goa Portuguesa. An award-winning dish, it has juliennes of tender coconut and cashews bathed in in-house Goan spices. 

Serradurra and oven fresh Bebinca
Serradurra and Bebinca

Talking about desserts, we couldn’t skip the good old Serradurra and oven fresh Bebinca. These desserts prove to be perfect when you want to have something light and fluffy after a heavy meal. Not too sweet and yet so satisfying!

Goa Portuguesa leaves no stone unturned in lifting your spirits – right from the live music to ambiance, everything leaves you elated. And talking about spirits, they have a full-fledged bar that serves everything right from Feni to world’s finest cocktails!

Mumbai boasts of restaurants serving right from Thai to Korean food, Malvani to Kolhapuri but this place serves ‘Konkani food’.

 So when are you visiting this Konkani Food’s paradise?

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