Japan in a plate – Origami Japanese & Korean Restaurant

After a week of stuffing Chicken Biryani and Diwali snacks, a hearty Japanese meal at Origami Restaurant, Powai proved to be just the perfect break. 

Airy & a cozy outdoor seating with the view of mountains on one side and sprawling buildings on the other, Origami sits on the ground floor of the Supreme Business Park. 

Fairy lights and Japanese lamps adorn the sitting area at Origami Restaurant

There’s also an AC section, but save it for another day – for chilly nights, I’d definitely prefer sitting outside.

Lemon Grass Cooler

We started with a Lemon Grass Cooler – What a relief from the sweltering heat of Mumbai! And that dominating flavour of lemongrass with 7UP does wonders to your tired feet! ❤

Tofu Salad

Chef Vaibhav, the head chef at Origami tells us that Japenese cuisine is overall extremely healthy. Within no time he presents before us a fresh Tofu salad – supple, silkened tofu on a bed of crunchy lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes with an authentic Japanese vinaigrette.

Sake – 
A Japanese rice wine

You cannot visit Origami and not try the Japanese Rice Wine, saké. I personally found it to be a little strong, but you should definitely give this a shot for an authentic Japanese culinary experience.

Korean Chicken

Amongst the starters we had, I fell for the Korean Chicken – huge robust chunks of chicken simmered in a sweet spicy sauce.

Tonjiru – Pork Miso Soup

By now, it is evident that the Japanese love their spices and meat. And when the chef tells us that the key ingredients like a couple of sauces and pork at Origami are imported, we are tempted to try them even more.

So we straight away called for the Tonjiru – A Miso base spicy broth with pork pieces that melt in your mouth and just as expected it didn’t disappoint us even a tad bit! It’s perfect to warm you on a windy day!


 California Sushi is one of Origami’s signature dishes and you have to try it yourself to know why. I gobbled 3 pieces within 2 minutes! Not too dry, neither too moist – this was just perfectly crafted! And that Wasabi is too hot to handle!

Korean Curry & Rice

If the mocktails and starters weren’t enough, we tried some main course as well. The taste of Korean curry has an uncanny resemblance to Indian curries – the key ingredients mostly being similar. 

The portions at the Origami restaurants are gigantic – it easily serves three. And each preparation is abundant in flavours, veggies & meat!  

Soba Noodles

Phew we’re done we thought – until we saw a huge bowl of Soba noodles approaching our table! This one is a healthy substitute for pasta.

Green Tea Icecream

And then finally, it was time for dessert and what a better way than call for an ice cream! We indulged on some in-house Green Tea Ice cream – sheer delight!

Overall – 

I like how Origami does not try to Indianise their preparations. It aligns perfectly with their audience – the ones who admire or would like to sample Japanese cuisine. There’s no place for an Indian who wants to have Dal Khichdi here. While plush rooftops like Breeze are situated in the same premises, Origami has the potential to carve out its own name in the niche cuisine it offers and it definitely does a good job there.  

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