Every Daughter Should Read This Poem by a Father

img-20180107-wa0000-420276560.jpgThis poem is written by Snehanshu Shome. He calls himself a Rahagir. A voyager in its true sense. He has packed his bags and is ready to take you on his escapades, which he narrates through his blogs and photos.

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I promise

To stand by you

Not just by poetic words

But actually

For I have seen the world

Indifferent to how

your mother saw it

I have seen my kind

How ruthless can they be

How protective they can be

How jealous they can be

How egoistic can they be

I promise

To protect you

Understand you

All the time even

When you are little

like a bird

Innocent yet Vulnerable

I will be there

Like a wall

When you are yet not big

but you believe you are

Curious and voyager

I will be there

Like a friend

When you are confused

For the first time

Embracing feminity

I will be there

Like an aide

When you are too cool

for the world

trendy groovy sassy

I will be there

Like a guardian

When you fight the world

Claiming your position

Against the society

I will be there

Like a sidekick

When you need me

as a mentor or

to share your woes

I will be there

Like a confidant

When you are in pain

by someone from my kind

I’ll trust you before them

I will be there

Like a protector

Even if the world is against you

I will never leave your side

I will be there

Like a father

I promise

It’s true what they say – Fathers hold our hands for a little while, but our hearts forever! No one in this whole wide world can love a girl more than her father! Do you agree?

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1 thought on “Every Daughter Should Read This Poem by a Father

  1. Well I think you can not judge… who loves a girl more, but certainly a father goes through a whole wide range of experiences to raise his daughter until she can look out her own! What is written here is a pretty good tell tale of his endeavours… Well said!

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