Master 5 Steps to Beat Procrastination

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All of us are complaining within ourselves   I should have done this today but I was too tired or didn’t feel like doing it. Is this procrastination?  Now let’s first understand what procrastination means.

According to modern scientists, procrastination means to pull off till another day or time doing something that you should be doing today because you do not want to do it.

Procastination as defined by Wikipedia

But remember you are not a procrastinator, you just have a habit and that has formed into a habit loop.  Your brain does not understand between good habits and bad habits.

What you repeatedly do or strongly desire either you form a cue or develop a habit loop.

Procrastination is basically a form of stress relief.

not to be lazy or procastinate.jpg

You got financial issues

You have a relationship issue

You are disturbed in your workplace because of unscheduled work which you were not supposed to do.

You are not getting your pay in time  ( especially for interns and freelancers)

Somebody is making subtle advances towards you which you cannot avoid.

You just don’t feel like going to office although you know there is an important meeting.

And finally, you are caught in a traffic snarl and get into a road rage.

There are a plethora of examples …

But why do we procrastinate  ????

It’s because of the stress growing in our mind … The fear of the unknown.

What would happen if this project fails?

What is my partner thinking about me?  Is he/she seeing someone else?

How will I clear off my loan installments?

Now I would like to mention here –

You are not a procrastinator. It is a habit and habits can be changed. That’s how we are biologically formed.

In all habits, there is a trigger and there is a cue and then a reward.

The reward for procrastination is stress relief although temporarily.

Basically, your prefrontal cortex opens up. In simple words, you get into autopilot mode rather than analyzing how to deal with the situation.

So here are 5 ways by which you can deal with procrastination –

  1. Acknowledge the stress. Chances are you might be overthinking.
  2. Do not think about the big picture; rather take it one day at a time. Then you will find the joy of accomplishment.
  3. Whenever you feel like doing something later on, just get up and start doing it even if its shoddy. You will have more blood circulation and get the momentum.
  4. Your problem is not working. You might be a superb champ worker but your issue is avoiding it because you don’t like it. But anyway start the work. Perceptions about a work are different than working on it. Believe me, you will start loving the work as you get into it.
  5. Break your work into small parts. If you get tired you can always Youtube.
  6. We have a feel-good mind. We leave important work and get distracted to FB, Whatsapp , Instagram.  Now we have a do mind too. It thinks long term. And its always in conflict with the feel-good mind.

Just take a look at the animal kingdom, dogs love to play but when they need to be alert they are in do mind.

Secondly, when you do not have a deadline, you want to start a business. You know it would take time . But you tend to procrastinate as you alone keep running around and one day you just don’t feel like getting out of your couch although you know you have a meeting with investors.

There are basically two types of procrastination. First when you have a deadline to meet and then you have panic related to procrastination.

But believe me, procrastination is healthy but overdoing anything is always detrimental. So break your jobs into pieces. Start attending smaller ones to get into the momentum and then attend bigger tasks. Even if you cannot complete what you planned for the day, does not matter. There is always a tomorrow. Repeat the same habit tomorrow. But first, finish your unfinished work and then start attending smaller works.

All The best!!! Don’t think the bigger picture, rather take one day at a time. If you found this post useful, don’t forget to show us some love ❤

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