Tarot Card Readings for May 2020




CAPRICORN – 22 nd Dec–19 th Jan

Career – New opportunities are indicated in the form of new ideas, exciting
projects, and creativity.
Finance – Indicates delays and postponements or you might get money in
Health – Be very careful as due to negligence any health issues, injury or leg
problem or any minor accident is indicated.
Relationship – You will enjoy emotional security along with a secure family life.
Tarot Tips – Inner strength is more powerful than physical strength. Use your
inner strength to overcome any challenge.

AQUARIUS – 20 th Jan–18 th Feb

Career – Indicates a time of waiting and allowing, not the right time to act to
achieve your goals.
Finance – Not the right time for action, discussion or decision as you need to
think, organize, think over or take some experts advice related to finance.
Health – To enjoy good health, Charity is advisable.
Relationship – There will be jealousy, Possessiveness in the relationship due to
which problems will multiply. You will feel trapped in a relationship
Tarot Tips – Time to appreciate for what you still have.

PISCES – 19 th Feb–20 th Mar

Career – Time to put continued efforts and exercise of practical skills and let go of
your expectations and cultivate patience as there will be delays and
postponements but future success is assured.
Finance – Time to pause, reorganize and prepare yourself before taking an
important decision.
Health – Take proper care as you or your family members may have Chest related
issues, Breathing Problem or Cough or Cold or Tooth Problem.
Relationship – You might feel lack of Independence and space due to which
disturbance in relationship is indicated.
Tarot Tips – Time of “doing” something creative together rather than just thinking
about it.

ARIES – 21 st Mar–19 th Apr

Career – Some problems are indicated. Time for you to seek consultation from
someone that is more experienced.
Finance – Time to act and act now, provided you understand exactly what you
want and are committed to getting it.
Health – To enjoy good health make some changes in your diet, exercise or
medical treatment.
Relationship – Indicates success in relationship as care and patience will be
Tarot Tips – Period of new beginnings as well as warning to be careful.

TAURUS – 20 th Apr–20 th May

Career – There will be stability, comforts, good relations, brightness, finance and
you will be full of Pride.
Finance – You might have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something
you probably need to make logically as some emotions will be attached.
Health – Some health issues are indicated but it also indicates healing from an
accident or illness.
Relationship – Don’t give up; face relationship issues with a courage and
Tarot Tips – To find solutions to the problems deal calmly with the actual issue
rather than attacking people concern.

GEMINI – 21 st May – 21 st Jun

Career – Be very careful as some cheating is indicated or there will be some
disappointments causing emotional pain.
Finance – Hard work will reap rewards. You will reach a level of maturity that will
enable you to take appropriate risks and you will have the wisdom and experience
to begin projects that you once thought impossible.
Health – Give time to yourself to maintain your health.
Relationship – Be very careful as lack of freedom or Independence could create
little disturbance in Husband & Wife or any other important relationship.
Tarot Tips – There will be a need for courage, resourcefulness and determination.

CANCER – 22 nd Jun – 22 nd July

Career – Represents strong position and determination to succeed despite of past
difficulties and obstacles and you will be ready to face new challenges.
Finance – Time to enjoy fruits of your efforts as it is more than just income
coming from a job. It is about income and wealth coming from property, savings
and other investments.
Health – Face your health issues positively. Running away from treatment or
medicine will not solve health issues.
Relationship – Be careful as there will be sudden exposure, which will come as a
terrible shock, uncontrollable situation for which one is not prepared, or you may
be falsely accused of something.
Tarot Tips – Do Charity to have peace of mind and soul.

LEO – 23 rd Jul – 22 rd Aug

Career – Still your dreams of personal growth and improvement for a secure
career must be determined and conceived before they can be realized.
Finance – Unexpected help from someone or a turning point is indicated related
to finance in the near future.
Health – Through Inner strength and positivity recovery will be there.
Relationship – Indicates new positive relationships and security in existent
Tarot Tips – Action needs to be taken to move forward.

VIRGO – 23 rd Aug–22 nd Sept

Career – Some problems are indicated. However, by dealing calmly with the
actual issues, rather than attacking the people concerned, you can find a solution.
Finance – It is important to weigh all the factors and then act, without
recrimination if it does not quite work out as planned.
Health – Don’t give up; struggle hard to maintain your health.
Relationship – There will be enjoyment of good personal relationships.
Tarot Tips – Need to focus on one thing at a time and to do that well.

LIBRA – 23 rd Sept–23 rd Oct

Career – Need to make financial and business arrangements that will work in the
long-term future for you. Space and independence in work will be important.
Finance – Lot of determination, focus is required to use the finances properly as
there are chances of you not utilizing finances in a proper way.
Health – To enjoy good health try and do something instead of just thinking about
Relationship – Be careful as it Indicates conflicts or disappointments or ending of
a relationship.
Tarot Tips – Time to stand up for what you believe to be right.

SCORPIO – 24 th Oct–21 st Nov

Career – Things will improve and you will move into better Conditions as some
changes are indicated.
Finance – This is likely to be a very challenging time as some major changes are
Health – Some good news is expected in the form of Positive blood test or any
other report related to your health checkup. Whatever exercise, diet or
medication you have followed will give you good health.
Relationship – It indicates waiting period, not the right time for any decisions as
some secrets will be revealed or you will wish to reveal some secrets.
Tarot Tips – Time to end conflicts and begin new relations.

SAGITARRIUS – 22 nd Nov–21 st Dec

Career – New challenging opportunities are indicated. It indicates the need for
courage, resourcefulness and determination.
Finance – Indicates applying yourself totally and methodically to what you are
doing and you will reap the rewards from that, in every sense of the word.
Health – Changes are indicated for betterment and a new healthy life is waiting
for you.
Relationship – There will be Beginning of new relationships and laying of plans for
the future. There will be love and care for people.
Tarot Tips – Your hard work will reap rewards.

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