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CAPRICORN – 22 nd Dec–19 th Jan

Career – Indicates Victory and success for the extra efforts you have put while
working with others. Care and patience will be rewarded.
Finance – Indicates too many choices, which will involve risk of errors of
judgement. Give careful consideration to all options and certainly sleep on big
decisions before rushing in.
Health – Be careful as some health issues will be difficult to diagnose or some
Gynaec issues are also indicated.
Relationship – Indicates dull period, make some changes; engage in new activities
to get back into life again.
Tarot Tips – Try and be more practical and logical to avoid heart breaks.

AQUARIUS – 20 th Jan–18 th Feb

Career – There will be contentment, physical well being, material success and
forward looking to the future. It indicates victory, success and satisfaction.
Finance – New opportunities are indicated. So accept it, as the offer will be
Health – Be careful as health would be unstable. Also some elderly member in
your family may need proper attention towards ill health. Don’t ignore it.
Relationship – Indicates new relations entering your life or growth in the existing
Tarot Tips – Be courageous and move bravely in new areas.

PISCES – 19 th Feb–20 th Mar

Career – It is about “doing” something creative together rather than just thinking
about it.
Finance – You may need to take things more slowly as you decide which path or
strategy is the right one for you to handle your finances. Taking help from expert
is advisable.
Health – Improvement in health is indicated with the help of a well wisher. Also
Spending time with your loved ones will result in good health.
Relationship – You may have to defend your position in relations and to stand up
for what you believe in or know to be right.
Tarot Tips – Waiting period, not the right time for any decisions as some secrets
will be revealed.

ARIES – 21 st Mar–19 th Apr

Career – Despite of Delays things will turn out much better than you have
expected. Some lady luck is also indicated.
Finance – Relief from Problems and improvement in your finances, and if you
have suffered in the past, the situation will now improve.
Health – Pay proper attention to your health as negligence might give rise to
health issues and money might be spent on treatment.
Relationship – It indicates conflict in relationship due to Lack of Mutual Respect,
domination or one person trying to impose will on other.
Tarot Tips – Try and consider the influence that material, power and success play
in your life.

TAURUS – 20 th Apr–20 th May

Career – Things will not go as per your way and hence a period of
disappointments and loss is indicated. Face the situation positively and be glad for
what you still have.
Finance – To enjoy good finances be in control of your finance. Some Experience
or Elderly person will help and guide you in your finances.
Health – Try and be careful and positive as negative thinking can become the
cause of your health problems.
Relationship – Be open and don’t be miser in sharing your views, ideas and
emotions with your loved ones.
Tarot Tips – Time to be more careful and alert.

GEMINI – 21 st May – 21 st Jun

Career – You have managed to build up through past experiences and now can
face the future with optimism and strength.
Finance – Indicates Contentment and stability as there will be enjoyment of good
Health – Take time for your health. Regular Checkup, exercise and proper diet will
help in maintaining a good health.
Relationship – Efforts will be appreciated and Care and Patience will be
Tarot Tips – Signifies a Speedy and satisfactory conclusion to any matter at hand.

CANCER – 22 nd Jun – 22 nd July

Career – Indicates new job offer, opportunity within existing job or any business
Finance – Indicates time to apply for a loan or mortgage or to get some assistance
from someone else to further plans.
Health – Indicates getting solutions to your health issue that has been troubling
Relationship – You might feel lack of Independence and space due to which
disturbance in relationship is indicated.
Tarot Tips – Be thankful for good things in life.

LEO – 23 rd Jul – 22 rd Aug

Career – Be courageous and move bravely into new areas. Once you set things in
motion, doing your own thing and in your own way, you will be able to attract to
you the resources and support that you need.
Finance – Indicates stability and enjoyment of good earned finance.
Health – Take good care of your own health and of your loved ones.
Relationship – There will be stability, acceptance of responsibility and sense of
completion in the relationships.
Tarot Tips – You might come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you
will fall in love with.

VIRGO – 23 rd Aug–22 nd Sept

Career – There will be sense of pride and of a job well done. You will work hard
and find pleasure in doing advance planning.
Finance – Be very careful as problem with money and sometimes unemployment
is indicated or you will not receive as much money as you are expecting.
Health – Little challenging. Be more careful and positive in life to enjoy good
physical health.
Relationship – Indicates dull period, make some changes; accept new relations,
engage in new activities to get back into life again.
Tarot Tips – To enjoy good life Learn to love with the trust of a child.

LIBRA – 23 rd Sept–23 rd Oct

Career – Time to keep positive attitude, put efforts and try to come out of difficult
situation on your own, don’t expect any help.
Finance – Seek someone’s guidance and help to come out of financial problems.
Health – Time to take good care of your health as mental or emotional stress will
affect your health. Recover fully before starting work.
Relationship – Your efforts to have good relationship will reap rewards.
Everything finally coming together, successfully and at last you might marry after
a long engagement or get the love of your life.
Tarot Tips – Time to be very careful from back stabbing or cheating.

SCORPIO – 24 th Oct–21 st Nov

Career – Approach things and people from a softly-softly angle. You will get better
results by using tact instead of aggression. Try to see things from the view point of
Finance – Indicates applying yourself totally and methodically to what you are
doing and you will reap the rewards from that, in every sense of the word.
Health – Over-indulgence in drink, food and drugs can affect health. Look for
proper guidance.
Relationship – You will be at crossroads point with the decision to make as to
whether to continue or break the relationship.
Tarot Tips – Time to explore other’s point of view.

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