Tarot Card Readings for September 2019



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CAPRICORN – 22 nd Dec–19 th Jan

Career – Time to stand up for what you believe and put up boundaries and stand
up for yourself. Don’t give up.
Finance – Indicates hard time in taking financial decision. Advice from an
experience person is advisable to avoid wrong decisions.
Health – Some health issues will be difficult to diagnose or some Gynaec issues
are also indicated.
Relationship – After heartbreak and disappointments, you will remain optimistic
and look forward to better relations.
Tarot Tips – Take action towards something you really want to do for your
personal development.

AQUARIUS – 20 th Jan–18 th Feb

Career – New opportunities are indicated in the form of new ideas, exciting
projects, and creativity.
Finance – Patience and concentration are required to handle finances properly. To
avoid wrong investments make sure you have all the required facts.
Health – To enjoy good health it is the time to make changes in the treatment,
Exercise or food habits.
Relationship – There will be an enjoyment of good personal relationships.
Tarot Tips – Action needs to be taken to move forward to enjoy material and
emotional security.

PISCES – 19 th Feb–20 th Mar

Career – Time to put continued efforts and exercise of practical skills and let go of
your expectations and cultivate patience as there will be delays and
postponements but future success are assured.
Finance – Indicates too many options, which might create confusion in selecting
the right option. Taking advice from experienced person is advisable.
Health – Some health issues are indicated. Logical decisions will help in
treatment, surgery, diet or exercise.
Relationship – Handling relationships will create physical or mental stress. To
enjoy good relations avoid multiple relations.
Tarot Tips – Time for something to end; but time also for something new to begin.

ARIES – 21 st Mar–19 th Apr

Career – It indicates Victory and success for the extra efforts you have put while
working with others. Travel is indicated. Care and patience will be rewarded.
Finance – Some Delay, postponements are expected, but there is a promise of
future success.
Health – Attention to health issues and readiness to make changes in your diet,
exercise and medication will help in having good health.
Relationship – It indicates the ending of conflicts, forgiveness, and starting of new
relationships in the form of friendship or Marriage.
Tarot Tips – Try and know your powers and you will succeed.

TAURUS – 20 th Apr–20 th May

Career – Indicates a new project, which will give opportunities for creativity, self-
expression, development, power, initiative and moving forward.
Finance – Little dull period but you will have the hope that everything will be
Health – Don’t forget to take time for your health as getting too much involved in
work can affect your health.
Relationship – Indicates regret, disappointment or breakup in relationship. Will
take a lot of time to accept and come out of the situation.
Tarot Tips – You might come across a person, career, challenge or thing that you
will fall in love with.

GEMINI – 21 st May – 21 st Jun

Career – Need to focus on one thing at a time and to do that well. Also, you need
to be flexible and see what you could put down or give to someone else to
Finance – Be watchful and prepared in your financial dealings.
Health – Lot of care and hard work is required to have good health.
Relationship – There will be Beginning of new relationships and laying of plans for
the future. There will be love and care for people.
Tarot Tips – Remember the simplest of things give the greatest and most long-lasting

CANCER – 22 nd Jun – 22 nd July

Career – New opportunities are indicated but be careful as those opportunities
will be temporary and risk will be involved.
Finance – Indicates the stability and enjoyment of good earned finance.
Health – Mental tension worries or overburden of work might affect your health.
Try to lighten work and exercise regularly, meditate to enjoy good health.
Relationship – Be careful as some changes are indicated in the form of an end of
a relationship which may require a big change in your life, basically a loss.
Tarot Tips – Time to end conflicts and begin new relations.

LEO – 23 rd Jul – 22 rd Aug

Career – Be careful as you might go round in very unproductive circles and not get
very much done on a practical level. There will be constant fluctuations and you
need to be logical.
Finance – Indicates financial losses due to business loss, a loss of work, company
going bankrupt or bad investment.
Health – Issues in the relationship will affect your health due to which hospital visit,
surgery or any illness is indicated.
Relationship – Indicates growth in the relationship as people will come together
and forget their differences.
Tarot Tips – Waiting period, not the right time for any decisions as some secrets
will be revealed.

VIRGO – 23 rd Aug–22 nd Sept

Career – A new start in a new direction will work out on your behalf, and give you
the chance to begin anew.
Finance – Time to be patient and remain focused and devoted to handling your
financial issues. Time to concentrate on what you want.
Health – Relax a little; be less worried, to enjoy good health.
Relationship – Indicates dull period, make some changes; accept new relations,
engage in new activities to get back into life again.
Tarot Tips – Action needs to be taken to move forward.

LIBRA – 23 rd Sept–23 rd Oct

Career – Don’t be stuck in your past. Make some changes; engage in new
activities to get back into life. Accept the help & Support being offered.
Finance – Indicates comfortable material circumstances and a sense of pride in
achieving material security.
Health – Some good news is expected in the form of Positive blood test or any
other report related to your health checkup. Whatever exercise, diet or
medication you have followed will give you good health.
Relationship – It indicates a clash of ideas or words. Disturbance in close personal
relationships may turn into arguments or fights.
Tarot Tips – Try to lighten the load and start practicing by saying No to people.

SCORPIO – 24 th Oct–21 st Nov

Career – New challenging opportunities are indicated. It indicates the need for
courage, resourcefulness, and determination.
Finance – You might have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something
you probably need to make logically as some emotions will be attached.
Health – Lack and negligence may affect our health in the form of any injury or
minor accident on which money will be spent.
Relationship – Indicates struggle and conflict in love or marriage, time to consider
the need of your loved ones.
Tarot Tips – Time to have a proper budget.

SAGITARRIUS – 22 nd Nov–21 st Dec

Career – It indicates a new start, new opportunities. But be careful as risk will be
involved and the opportunities will be temporary.
Finance – It is a challenging situation pertaining to financial matters but the reward
will come for persistence and efforts. You will have the power to succeed, will
have a good influence on some person.
Health – Be careful as due to emotional disturbance you might get addicted to
some drugs or medicines.
Relationship – There will be a reason to celebrate in the form of a wedding, birth
of a child, growth in the relationship as people will come together and forget their
Tarot Tips – Time to celebrate, accept responsibility and lay the foundation for the

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