Tarot Card Readings for October 2019



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CAPRICORN – 22 nd Dec–19 th Jan

Career – Indicates Stability and sense of Completion at the workplace.
Finance – New opportunities are indicated. So accept it, as the offer will be
Health – Try and do things which make you happy. Also, try and complete your
medical treatment or exercise to enjoy good health.
Relationship – There will be stability, acceptance of responsibility and sense of
completion in the relationships. Some Marriage or Engagement is also indicated
in the family.
Tarot Tips – True contentment comes from being at peace with yourself.

AQUARIUS – 20 th Jan–18 th Feb

Career – Indicates struggle, disappointments or unemployment. You need to take
action to come out of this situation.
Finance – Indicates the enjoyment of good wealth. Some luck is indicated.
Health – Good time to take some action related to your health issues as there will
be an improvement in health.
Relationship – You may get help and support in a difficult time from a well-wisher
or relationship will be renewed.
Tarot Tips – Time to be logical and use head over heart.

PISCES – 19 th Feb–20 th Mar

Career – You will have the ability to complete your work, through confidence in
your self-discipline and patience and will enjoy fruits of your efforts.
Finance – Indicates the stability and enjoyment of good earned finance.
Health – Improvement in health is indicated with the help of a well-wisher. Also
Spending time with your loved ones will result in good health.
Relationship – Don’t give your personal power to someone else. By finding your
clarity of thought, you can find a solution and a way forward.
Tarot Tips – Not to give up soon if there are delays or postponement as future
success is assured.

ARIES – 21 st Mar–19 th Apr

Career – Indicates not receiving as much work as you might be expecting. Look for
new opportunities.
Finance – Just to prove yourself right don’t make any decisions as there are
chances of you taking some wrong decision.
Health – Indicates improvement in health as past health issues will diminish and
you will feel stronger and positive.
Relationship – Temporary Separation is indicated as you might prefer your
independence and might need space for yourself within a relationship. Not the
right time for any action or decisions.
Tarot Tips – Pay attention to your dreams, feelings, and intuition.

TAURUS – 20 th Apr–20 th May

Career – Indicates a new start, new opportunities. But be careful as risk will be
involved and the opportunities will be temporary.
Finance – To earn be clear of the outcome and what you want to achieve.
Health – To enjoy good health it’s time for an emotional change such as letting go
of old beliefs and values.
Relationship – Indicates conflict in relationship due to Lack of Mutual Respect,
domination or one person trying to impose will on others.
Tarot Tips – To find solutions to the problems deal calmly with the actual issue
rather than attacking people concern.

GEMINI – 21 st May – 21 st Jun

Career – Indicates legal or official situation something to do with negotiation or
discussion. But in the end, justice will be done.
Finance – Likely to turn out much better than you have expected.
Health – Be careful as any changes in life or relationship disturbance can create
health issues.
Relationship – Try and forgive yourself and others as well as let go of destructive
emotions like guilt, blame and fear and start again with renewed hope.
Tarot Tips – Bury the past, forgive it and start fresh.

CANCER – 22 nd Jun – 22 nd July

Career – Indicates employment and hard work for someone and not for a personal
project. Your hard work & efforts will be appreciated.
Finance – Some changes are indicated for betterment. Whatever you have
suffered in the past will be over as there is a sign of improvement in circumstances.
Health – Proper guidance will be required for some health issues, surgery or
hospital visits.
Relationship – You may need to look beyond your interests and perceptions.
Tarot Tips – Try and consider the influence that material, power and success play
in your life.

LEO – 23 rd Jul – 22 rd Aug

Career – It represents a change of direction, as well as more focus needed on the
direction. Seek help where needed. Take control of where you want to go, be firm
and assertive without being aggressive.
Finance – You might be feeling low but accept help and support being offered to
Health – Time to be careful as you or some senior citizen in your family may face
some health issues like cough, cold or any chest related issues or toothache.
Relationship – You will be at crossroads point with the decision to make as to
whether to continue or break the relationship.
Tarot Tips – Not the right time for any major decisions.

VIRGO – 23 rd Aug–22 nd Sept

Career – Indicates Victory and Success for extra efforts put while working in a
team. Some good news is expected or traveling is indicated.
Finance – Time to pause, reorganize and prepare yourself before taking an
important decision.
Health – There will be relief from health issues and improvement is indicated
after a period of suffering.
Relationship – Right time for making changes in relationships and celebrating
the success of past relationships.
Tarot Tips – Time to defend your position and to stand up for what you believe.

LIBRA – 23 rd Sept–23 rd Oct

Career – Despite Delays things will turn out much better than you have
expected. Some lady luck is also indicated.
Finance – Indicates Challenging Period. By using inner power you can handle your
finances tactfully.
Health – Some health issues are indicated but it also indicates healing from an
accident or illness.
Relationship – New challenging opportunities are indicated in the relationships. It
also indicates domination and control in a relationship.
Tarot Tips – Time to do future planning.

SCORPIO – 24 th Oct–21 st Nov

Career – Your hard work and efforts will be appreciated. Best time for developing
a skill, which is likely to be useful in the workplace.
Finance – Be very careful in taking decisions as you might regret certain decisions.
Health – Indicates confusion in taking decisions in regards to treatment, diet or
exercise. Taking guidance from experience person is advisable.
Relationship – Be in your control to control other relations.
Tarot Tips – Face Challenges with Courage and Enthusiasm.

SAGITARRIUS – 22 nd Nov–21 st Dec

Career – You will have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something you
probably need to make logically as emotions will be attached.
Finance – You may have major financial difficulties, unexpected losses, or bad
investments. Slow down, plan carefully, proceed with caution, and get a second
opinion if necessary.
Health – Give time to yourself to maintain your health.
Relationship – Indicates the beginning of new relations without any commitment.
Tarot Tips – To find solutions to the problems deal calmly with the actual issue
rather than attacking people concern.

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