Tarot Card Readings for February 2020



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CAPRICORN –  22nd Dec–19th Jan

Career – Indicates stability and security after a time of stress. Both material and emotional security are indicated.

Finance – Indicates blockages of money and things not going your way. Don’t worry and be positive and you will be able to deal with the situation properly.

Health – There will be Recovery In health.  You will enjoy good health and even the Health check-up reports will be positive.

Relationship – Take logical decisions as you will be accountable for your own decisions.

Tarot Tips – Try to lighten the load and start practicing by saying No to people.

      AQUARIUS  – 20th Jan–18th Feb

Career – Indicates employment and hard work for someone but not for a personal project. Your hard work & efforts will be appreciated.

Finance – New opportunities are indicated. So accept it, as the offer will be beneficial.

Health – To enjoy good health, Charity is advisable.

Relationship – Be careful as some changes are indicated in the form of an end of a relationship which may require a big change in your life, basically a loss.

Tarot Tips – Time of “doing” something creative together rather than just thinking about it.

      PISCES  –   19th Feb–20th Mar

Career – Indicates earned success, wealth and fortune, brought about by your own efforts.  It can also indicate help and support from affluent individuals.

Finance – Give careful consideration to all options and certainly sleep on big decisions before rushing in.

Health – To enjoy good health it is the time to make changes in the treatment, Exercise or food habits.

Relationship – Be careful as the end of a relationship, miscarriage, abortion or anything major might happen which will change your entire life.

Tarot Tips – Time to move on to new things with no turning back.

     ARIES –   21st Mar–19th Apr

Career – Relax a little, be less worried about the loss of what you have. Focus, instead, on how to make the best of what you’ve got while you’re around to enjoy it.

Finance – Handle situations tactfully as some issues can give you mental and physical stress.

Health – Charity will help in solving health issues as generosity is a good way to solve our problems.

Relationship – There will be stability, acceptance of responsibility and a sense of completion in the relationships. Some Marriage or Engagement is also indicated in the family.

Tarot Tips – Valuing friends, connections and socializing will be helpful.

      TAURUS –  20th Apr–20th May

Career – New opportunities are indicated in the form of new ideas, exciting projects, and creativity.

Finance – Be very careful in taking decisions as you might regret certain decisions.

Health – Some good news is expected in the form of a Positive blood test or any other report related to your health checkup. Whatever exercise, diet or medication you have followed will give you good health.

Relationship – Be careful as a love triangle, disappointment or cheating is indicated.

Tarot Tips – Your hard work will reap rewards.

     GEMINI – 21st May – 21st Jun

Career – Indicates that problems are coming to an end.  Matters can get no worse than this, and improvement will follow.

Finance – Time to enjoy fruits of your efforts as it is more than the just income coming from a job.  It is about income and wealth coming from property, savings and other investments.

Health – Try and do things that make you happy. Also, try and complete your medical treatment or exercise to enjoy good health.

Relationship – Relations will turn out to be much better than expected. There will be abundance, joy, passion and flow in life. Sometimes pregnancy is also indicated.

Tarot Tips – Time to stand up for what you believe to be right.

       CANCER  – 22nd Jun – 22nd  July

Career – New opportunities are indicated which will give money and emotional security.

Finance – It indicates Material stability and security after a time of stress. Be generous enough to share as well as careful from unnecessary expenses.

Health – Through Inner strength and positivity recovery will be there.

Relationship – New relationships are indicated or there will be an improvement in existing relationships.

Tarot Tips – Learning New skills will help in laying firm foundations.

    LEO –  23rd Jul – 22rd Aug

Career – Indicates tension, frustration or a situation in which one feels trapped and helpless. Problems can multiply. Avoid Business Partnership.

Finance – Good time to take action, things will move rapidly for you as some changes are indicated.

Health – Time to seek somebody’s advice related to treatment, surgery or any Exercise in order to enjoy good health.

Relationship – Due to negativity in the relationship there will be confusion in making some decisions. Taking advice from an Experience person will be helpful.

Tarot Tips – Time to move on to new things with no turning back.

      VIRGO –  23rd Aug–22nd  Sept

Career – New opportunities are indicated but be careful as those opportunities will be temporary and risk will be involved.

Finance – Indicates time to get some assistance from someone else to further plans.

Health – Time to take good care of your health as mental or emotional stress will affect your health.  Recover fully before starting work.

Relationship – Temporary Separation is indicated as you might prefer your independence and might need space for yourself within a relationship. Not the right time for any action or decisions.

Tarot Tips – Pay attention to your dreams, feelings, and intuition.

      LIBRA – 23rd Sept–23rd Oct

Career – Time to be brave, bold and in command. Also indicates Partnership offer, but delays and Postponements are expected.

Finance – Time to be patient and remain focused and devoted to handling your financial issues. Time to concentrate on what you want.

Health – Indicates getting solutions to your health issue that has been troubling you.

Relationship – You may have to defend your position in relations and to stand up for what you believe in or know to be right.

Tarot Tips – Time to take Financial Assistance.

     SCORPIO  – 24th  Oct–21st  Nov

Career – There will be a need to seek information or advice to deal with a specific problem. You may need to adopt a more conventional way of thinking.

Finance – Some helping hand from the universe is expected. Hence accept that help and support.

Health – Be careful and don’t avoid any health issues as some Doctor’s treatment, surgery or accident is indicated.

Relationship – Indicates success in the relationship as care and patience will be rewarded.

Tarot Tips – Think twice and act wisely to avoid regrets.

    SAGITTARIUS –  22nd  Nov–21st  Dec

 Career – Indicates a waiting period in a career as some secrets will be revealed or you might reveal a secret in order to make some decision.

Finance – A need for financial assistance is indicated to make financial arrangements that will work in the long-term future for you.

Health – Despite your past suffering you will also suffer little in the future. But it also indicates an improvement in health.

Relationship – Indicates the end of a conflict, stability in a relationship or a family holiday.

Tarot Tips – Time of Self-defense and to defend your space or territory.

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