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CAPRICORN – 22nd Dec–19th Jan

Career – There will be a sense of pride and of a job well done. You will work hard
and find pleasure in doing advance planning.
Finance – Good time to take action, things will move rapidly for you as some
changes are indicated.
Health – Be more positive towards life and try and help yourself related to any
health issues.
Relationship – A need for sacrifice for your love or little adjustments will be
required to avoid disagreement in relationships.
Tarot Tips – Your hard work will reap rewards.

AQUARIUS – 20th Jan–18th Feb

Career – A renewal period or a turning point is expected but it will take some time
for the star to shine in your favor.
Finance – Good period as it indicates getting help and support in difficult times
from a well-wisher.
Health – To enjoy good health make some changes in your diet, exercise or
medical treatment.
Relationship – You will do future planning in relationships. You might want to get
Committed, Engaged or Married.
Tarot Tips – Be extra careful before taking on commitments.

PISCES – 19th Feb–20th Mar

Career – Challenging time as some major changes are indicated. Also indicates
travel abroad.
Finance – Indicates help and support from a well wisher either in Cash or Kind.
Health – There will be relief from health issues and improvement is indicated
after a period of suffering.
Relationship – It indicates a conflict in the relationship due to Lack of Mutual Respect,
domination or one person trying to impose will on other.
Tarot Tips – You will feel stuck in a traditional relationship or a bonded life from
where you want to escape. If you want to come out, you need to put your own
efforts, don’t expect any help.

ARIES – 21st Mar–19th Apr

Career – Be clear in what you want to achieve and be mindful of the outcomes of
other people, so that you can bring about a situation where everyone wins.
Finance – Patience and concentration are required to handle finances properly. To
avoid wrong investments make sure you have all the required facts.
Health – It indicates positive results from a new exercise program or therapy, but
money will be spent on some health issues.
Relationship – Some problems are indicated. Not the right time for any
commitments as only one person will be serious in the relationship.
Tarot Tips – In order to gain you must give.

TAURUS – 20th Apr–20th May

Career – You will have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something you
probably need to make logically as emotions will be attached.
Finance – There will be constant fluctuations with money and hence a need to
budget better. It also indicates loss of income and more of expenses.
Health – It’s time for you to evaluate and do something slightly different to enjoy
good health. Some money will also be spent on health issues.
Relationship – It indicates waiting period, not the right time for any decisions as
some secrets will be revealed or you will wish to reveal some secrets.
Tarot Tips – Period of new beginnings as well as a warning to be careful.

GEMINI – 21st May – 21st Jun

Career – Be careful as some cheating is indicated. Try and face the situation instead of
running away from problems without solving them.
Finance – Be very careful in making decisions as you might regret certain decisions.
Health – Indicates struggle in maintaining your health. But continuous efforts will
give a positive result.
Relationship – Have patience and pay proper attention to have secure
Tarot Tips – Your hard work will reap rewards.

CANCER – 22nd Jun – 22nd July

Career – Time to trust your capabilities, be clear in your thoughts and find
solutions to problems.
Finance – There will be two sources of Income as well as two ways of Expenses.
Be patient as you will have to take special effort and concentration to use the
opportunity to your advantage.
Health – To enjoy good physical health just be more positive in life.
Relationship – As love is not always enough, taking practical consideration and
working hard at a relationship, and setting firm foundations will ensure happiness
in the future.
Tarot Tips – Slow down, plan carefully, proceed with caution, and get a second
opinion if necessary.

LEO – 23rd Jul – 22rd Aug

Career – Good time to celebrate the success of a past project and move onto
something new.
Finance – Take logical decisions as you will be accountable for your own
Health – Try and look forward to the future, plan your moves and prepare things
in advance. This is the best way of taking care of health.
Relationship – Indicates regret, disappointment or breakup in a relationship. Will
take a lot of time to accept and come out of the situation.
Tarot Tips – In spite of being lonely you will be happy and enjoy your own
company. Some good news or visitor is also expected.

VIRGO – 23rd Aug–22nd Sept

Career – New opportunities are indicated which will give money and emotional
Finance – Some changes are indicated for betterment. Whatever you have
suffered in the past will be over as there is a sign of improvement in circumstances.
Health – Be careful as due to emotional disturbance you might get addicted to
some drugs or medicines.
Relationship – Relations will turn out to be much better than expected. There will
be abundance, joy, passion and flow in life. Sometimes pregnancy is also
Tarot Tips – Let go of the past situation and to go with the flow of the new one.

LIBRA – 23rd Sept–23rd Oct

Career – Indicates waiting period in the career as some secrets will be revealed or you
might reveal a secret in order to make some decision.
Finance – Time to be very careful with your finances as someone my attack your
finances and hence you need to defend your finances.
Health – Indicates improvement and enjoyment of good health.
Relationship – It indicates giving and receiving of love and support in
relationships. Sometimes receiving of Gifts is also indicated.
Tarot Tips – Just to prove your point don’t argue and lose your well-wishers.

SCORPIO – 24th Oct–21st Nov

Career – Indicates tension, frustration or a situation in which one feels trapped
and helpless. Problems can multiply. Avoid Business Partnership.

Finance – Good time to take action, things will move rapidly for you as some
changes are indicated.
Health – Time to seek somebody’s advice related to treatment, surgery or any
Exercise in order to enjoy good health.
Relationship – You might feel a lack of Independence and space due to which
disturbance in a relationship is indicated.
Tarot Tips – Keep Patience and take the time to listen to and feel your emotions
without being controlled by them.

SAGITTARIUS – 22nd Nov–21st Dec

Career – Stability in business and success in teamwork is indicated. It can also be a
successful Business partnership.
Finance – Good news is expected in the form of promotion, increment or getting
finances unexpectedly.
Health – Not the right time for socializing as there will be a need for a complete bed
rest. But Recovery is also indicated.
Relationship – It indicates a clash of ideas or words. Disturbance in close personal
relationships may turn into arguments or fights.
Tarot Tips – Try to deal with the facts of the matter instead of getting drawn in

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