Tarot Card Readings for August 2019



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       CAPRICORN –  22nd Dec–19th Jan

Career – Indicates waiting period in career as some secrets will be revealed or you might reveal a secret in order to make some decision.

Finance – Indicates success and achievement. Sometimes travel is also indicated.

Health – Some health issues will be difficult to diagnose or some Gynaec issues are also indicated.

Relationship – Indicates regret, disappointment or breakup in relationship. Will take a lot of time to accept and come out of the situation.

Tarot Tips – For your new career, romance or business to grow pay proper attention.

      AQUARIUS  – 20th Jan–18th Feb

Career – Indicates that problems are coming to an end.  Matters can get no worse than this, and an improvement will follow.

Finance – Indicates too many choices, which will involve risk of errors of judgement. Give careful consideration to all options and certainly sleep on big decisions before rushing in.

Health – Be careful as due to emotional disturbance you might get addicted to some drugs or medicines

Relationship – Don’t give up; face relationship issues with a courage and enthusiasm.

Tarot Tips – Time for withdrawal and privacy.

      PISCES  –   19th Feb–20th Mar

Career – You will receive help and support from someone in the form of a loan, gift or perhaps a grant. Charity is advisable for better career.

Finance – Try and be more focused and determined in handling your finances. Some travel is also indicated.

Health – Be more positive towards life and try and help yourself related to any health issues.

Relationship – Be careful as love triangle, disappointment or cheating is indicated.

Tarot Tips – Be open for new relations.

     ARIES –   21st Mar–19th Apr

Career – Good time to celebrate the success of a past project and move onto something new.

Finance – Indicates financial stability and security.

Health – No matter how much you work hard to have good health, it will take lot of time to recover. Have patience and don’t stop the treatment as the reports will be positive.

Relationship – Problems in marriage or any relationship will be sorted with the help of a third person.

Tarot Tips – Be generous with good luck and good fortune.

      TAURUS –  20th Apr–20th May

Career – Indicates change in Job, Transfer or shifting in Job or some travel is indicated.

Finance – Some senior person will help and guide you in your finances. Try and take the advice to enjoy good finances in future.

Health – Be very careful as due to negligence injury or leg problem or any minor accident is indicated.

Relationship – Indicates beginning of new romance, new relations or a new partner. You will have full control in the relationship.

Tarot Tips – Future planning will help you in taking care of yourself and your own needs.

      GEMINI – 21st May – 21st Jun

Career – Time of evaluation and maybe needing to do something slightly different, in order to gain to reap the rewards that are due.

Finance – To avoid regrets be careful and in control of your own finance.

Health – To enjoy good health it’s time to do proper planning in your medication, diet and exercise.

Relationship – You may feel an acute lack of love, but this is temporary and new opportunities for romance may be already at hand.

Tarot Tips – Time to move on to new things with no turning back.

      CANCER  – 22nd Jun – 22nd  July

Career – Indicates help from someone who is in a position to offer that help.

Finance – Be alert as it indicates unexpected financial problems or losses for which you may not be prepared.

Health – Proper guidance will be required for some health issues, surgery or hospital visits.

Relationship – You will do future planning in relationships. You might want to get Committed, Engaged or Married.

Tarot Tips – Time of reflection to make sure that you are still going in the direction of your dreams.

     LEO –  23rd Jul – 22rd Aug

Career – You have managed to build up through past experiences and now can face the future with optimism and strength.

Finance – Time to enjoy fruits of your efforts as it is more than just income coming from a job.  It is about income and wealth coming from property, savings and other investments.

Health – Try and look forward to the future, plan your moves and prepare things in advance.  This is the best way of taking care of health.

Relationship – Indicates new relations or new partner. You will have full control in relations.

Tarot Tips – Need to focus on one thing at a time and to do that well.

      VIRGO –  23rd Aug–22nd  Sept

Career – Be careful as some back stabbing or cheating is indicated.

Finance – There will be two sources of Income as well as two ways of Expenses. Be patient as you will have to take special effort and concentration to use the opportunity to your advantage.

Health – There will be Recovery In health.  You will enjoy good health and even the Health check up reports will be positive.

Relationship – A Renewal period in a relationship or a turning point in your love life is indicated. It also indicates hopes, wishes and dreams.

Tarot Tips – Indicates new opportunities leading to increased prosperity.

        LIBRA – 23rd Sept–23rd Oct

Career – Indicates Stability and sense of Completion at work place.

Finance – New opportunities are indicated. So accept it, as the offer will be beneficial.

Health – You will be required to take some decision related to your health issues.

Relationship – You may feel trapped in a relationship and you want to escape, but at present the opportunity is not available. If you want to come out, you can come out with positive attitude, need to put efforts to come out of situation, don’t expect any help.

Tarot Tips – Time to be more focused and determined towards your goals.

      SCORPIO  – 24th  Oct–21st  Nov

Career – Work related issues can be solved by way of a gift, benefit, free promotional items or scholarship.

Finance – Good period as it indicates getting help and support in difficult times from a well wisher.

Health – Whatever exercise, diet or medication you have followed will give you good health.

Relationship – Some problems are indicated. Not the right time for any commitments as only one person will be serious in the relationship.

Tarot Tips – After period of suffering you will find happiness.

   SAGITARRIUS –  22nd  Nov–21st  Dec

Career – Don’t worry as whatever opportunities you have missed out in the past you will get one more opportunity from universe. So accept this new opportunity to improve your situation.

Finance – Indicates comfortable material circumstances and a sense of pride in achieving material security.

Health – Positive connections and bonding with people will help in having a good health.

Relationship – New relationships are indicated in the form of friendship, Engagement, Marriage or Pregnancy is indicated.

Tarot Tips – Time to take a decision where you have to look at what is best for you.

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