Bipolar Disorder : Is it real or Just our Imagination?

One day a man was walking along the road when suddenly he realized that all the people on the road were talking about him. He was feeling anxious as to what he would have done to receive such time of others. He was not a famous person, nor was he anyone in power or with a whole lotta money. Things seemed bizarre, but he felt great because whatever it was he was bloody famous. A feeling of superiority engulfing him, if his egomaniac character was not enough to cause him peril.
What was it that he became the talking point of a whole town? Why was he feeling superior to others, when he knew he had not done shit!?


It is very common and severe psychotic syndrome, which can carry on for lifelong, even after medications. Oh, Hell yea! It is true. I have been facing this issues from quite a long time myself (Let’s just say I have been living with my devil since I was a tiny kid). So, I would in this article tell you about the symptoms and repercussions if this illness goes unnoticed or neglected.

(I have studied psychology, hypnotism, and did a whole lotta research over the past year because I was JUST SICK OF THIS MENTAL ILLNESS.)

Statistic According to Apollo Hospitals states that nearly 10 million people in India, suffer from bipolar disorders


(these are just reported cases) and above is an approximate representation of actual findings.


People with bipolar disorder have two phases, though, in both, emotions become intensified and often unpredictably so. The two phases are the manic phase and depression phase. Manic phase is marred by high energy, reduced need for sleep (often leading to insomnia) and vanishing of the line between real and virtual. The depressive phase includes low energy, lack of interest & motivation, a feeling of inferiority.

These are not all, there are mood swings, excessive desire for sex, cognitive issues, weight gain/loss, among a wide list of others. (I had them all, I still have some after a whole deal of research and treatments.)

Dr. Vandana Prakash, a clinical psychologist says, “in most cases it is hereditary but in a major part of the cases, the causes are still unknown…”

What are the repercussions? These include a strong belief in self (but its pseudo), feeling of being unbeatable, unstoppable, incomparable in all ways or its complete opposite. It also leads to loss of trust in friends, family, colleagues, in turn leading to being loathed and despised (Can’t expect everyone to be a psychologist). For a more end of the line repercussion, look at the image from American Psychological Society (below).



Psychotherapy and medication usually go on for lifelong for this illness and you can never be sure about anything.

What has worked for me and is also stated in some leading psychologist forums, is a routine, a schedule to keep you occupied and not think about anything else. It might be VERY (and add as many extra VERY’s’ as you like) amusing and out of character, for a bipolar person to shut every opinion every voice other than his/her and put down a schedule and follow it. Just do it and stick to it.

Why would you want to be treated? For the simple reason that people must acknowledge you for things, you do more than your illness. Following a routine and having knowledge and expertise would be a proof of your work. Even when someone calls you delusional, hotheaded, or whatever they say in your part of the world, you would be one heck of a real deal. Show what wide and deep imagination you people possess and the openness you have towards society.



People will use you to hide behind your back, to justify whatever nonsense they are doing around in society and also take credits for all the good you do. (It sucks like that for all but it is easier to go that way for bipolar.)

Also, there is a very thin line between schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Go to a psychologist after researching, he/she might be able to tell the difference. Do not hesitate to tell the share the truth about your condition and feelings.


I am Puneet, a poet, blues musician, traveller and nomad. These days, trying my hand at wall arts and entrepreneurship as well. The more that I travel, the more perspectives I attain.



P.S. – I have also researched on a few other mental illnesses and consulted psychologists and psychiatrists alike.  Feel free to comment on social sites or wherever if you seek help. I would be glad to come forward without any doubt and help or at least lead you in a way where you would find helpful.

4 thoughts on “Bipolar Disorder : Is it real or Just our Imagination?

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    A less ventured issue within our society today

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  2. Hi,
    I am Nalini, 28 yrs old. I have had similar issues and it’s very hard to be in the situation if it persists for longer. When I had my first attack, I couldn’t even recognise my close people and it seemed like my whole world was upside down.

    To come out of it, one needs strong will power to remove the string of thoughts due to the reactions in the body. I keep myself occupied with different things altogether and whenever I feel like I want to spend time with myself I take a break from the chores and choose to go on a trip to a peaceful place, drive, paint, listen to good music and sing along.
    Just a few days back I decided to take up a course to become a certified counselor and psychologist because I felt an urge to help people suffering from the same illness. There was a time when I had even tried to kill myself but today I feel so good because I had my family’s support and they allowed me to do whatever I wanted to persue.

    In such cases it is very important to have people around you who genuinely care for you and can help you beat it. Nowadays, almost 60-70% people are facing depression and land up to situations like these because of the societal pressure. People refuse to accept them as they are and expect them to the better version which in return results to a stressed Life.

    If you have any suggestions to help me or guide me on how to take up a course to heal people then please share it with me.

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    1. I totally agree with you, it needs a very different level of will power and also support from all those who care for you!
      There are many like us around ourselves, and I agree again that society is not of any help in guiding you through… the most they do is able you as some crazy or lunatic… This is because of few reasons:
      1. they have never seen anyone face it and fight it.
      2. they lack the will to develop an empathy for such people (its just the general lack of empathy), which is escalated by the loss of time in their own pathetic lives (which includes feasting on others misery and getting the fun out of it)
      3. they have no other pass-time..

      Well, I can go on, but I don’t wish to make it about them but about those who are fighting and who, like you, have made it to the next step of coming out of the situation and taking a step beyond…
      On that note, there is one thing you can do in your course, i.e. to help the victim to shut those noises around and please oneself as they can, help they be productive for themselves and not care about what the world has to say… (because they will anyways be talking, if you fail for your fails and if you succeed, about kissing your butt)

      I would also be very soon launching a slurry of such psychological related articles over my own website (through which I am replying here) … I would love to help you more (and in any way), if you wish to interact more on such issues and help me you can contact me on the undersigned name over Facebook.

      ~Puneet Mehar

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