Tarot Card Readings for August 2018 | Sangeeta Jhangiani


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       CAPRICORN –  22nd Dec–19th Jan

Career – You will have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something you probably need to make logically as emotions will be attached.

Finance – It indicates the beginning of something new; you will have full control of finances. The result depends entirely on your intention, desire, or how much you want.

Health –  Mental tension worries or overburden of work might affect your health. Try to lighten work and exercise, meditate to enjoy good health.

Relationship – Lot of adjustments will be required to enjoy good relations. You will be accountable for your own choices.

Tarot Tips – Your hard work will reap rewards.

      AQUARIUS  – 20th Jan–18th Feb

Career – It indicates your hard work and efforts will be appreciated. Best time for developing a skill, which is likely to be useful in the workplace.

Finance – Time to act and act now, provided you understand exactly what you want and are committed to getting it.

Health – Indicates improvement and enjoyment of good health.

Relationship – Time to celebrate good relations. Changes in relationships are indicated for betterment.

Tarot Tips – Try to lighten the load and start practicing by saying No to people.

      PISCES  –   19th Feb–20th Mar

Career – Some changes are indicated. End of one phase and beginning of another. If a new career path is in front of you, take it.

Finance – Be very careful as some backstabbing or cheating is indicated.

Health – Money might be spent on some treatment or test but the reports will be positive. In some cases, Pregnancy is also indicated.

Relationship – Be careful as a love triangle, disappointment or cheating is indicated.

Tarot Tips – To enjoy good life learn to love with the trust of a child.

    ARIES –   21st Mar–19th Apr

Career – New challenging opportunities are indicated. It indicates the need for courage, resourcefulness, and determination.

Finance – There will be constant fluctuations with money and hence a need to budget better. It also indicates less income and more expenses.

Health – Proper guidance will be required for some health issues, surgery or hospital visits.

Relationship – Get ready for a new way of life because one is about to begin.  Change of fortune for the betterment of your love life is indicated.

Tarot Tips – Time to be accountable for your choices.

      TAURUS –  20th Apr–20th May

Career – Things will improve and you will move into better Conditions as some changes are indicated.

Finance – Trust your intuition before taking any decisions related to finances as there may be things hidden.  Ask probing questions to get all the information you need.

Health – Some good news is expected in the form of Positive blood test or any other report related to your health checkup. Whatever exercise, diet or medication you have followed will give you good health.

Relationship – Due to negativity in the relationship there will be confusion in making some decisions. Taking advice from an Experience person will be helpful.

Tarot Tips – Bury the past and enter a new life.

     GEMINI – 21st May – 21st Jun

Career – Many possibilities will seem open, but at present, you will not be able to decide. Be sure what you really want and don’t get caught up in fantasies.

Finance – This is likely to be a very challenging time as some major changes are indicated. Sometimes overseas Travel is also indicated.

Health – With Proper rest and treatment, your Blood test or any other report related to your health will be positive. Sometimes pregnancy is also indicated.

Relationship – It indicates a waiting period, not the right time for any decisions as some secrets will be revealed or you will wish to reveal some secrets.

Tarot Tips – Time to be logical and use head over heart.

      CANCER  – 22nd Jun – 22nd  July

Career – You will receive help and support from someone in the form of a loan,

gift or perhaps a grant. Charity is advisable for a better career.

Finance – Time to be patient and remain focused and devoted to handling your financial issues. Time to concentrate on what you want.

Health – Problems related to health could multiple, don’t ignore any illness and take doctors advice as and when required.

Relationship – Indicates the beginning of a new relationship without any commitment.

Tarot Tips – Seeking Guidance will solve problems or intelligent action will bring rewards.

     LEO –  23rd Jul – 22rd Aug

Career – There will be a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something you probably need to make logically, a lot of emotions will be attached to the decision.

Finance – New challenging opportunities are indicated, which requires focus and increased clarity for a decision.

Health – Be very careful as due to negligence leg problem or injury or any minor accident is indicated.

Relationship – Try to know what you really want and don’t get caught up in fantasies. Be very careful before taking any decisions.

Tarot Tips – A real need to take some time out and just DO NOTHING.

      VIRGO –  23rd Aug–22nd  Sept

Career – Time to be brave, bold and in command. Also indicates Partnership offer, but delays and Postponements are expected.

Finance – Be alert as it indicates unexpected financial problems or losses for which you may not be prepared.

Health – Take time for your health. Regular Checkup, exercise, and proper diet will help in maintaining a good health.

Relationship – Right time for making changes in relationships and celebrating the success of past relationships.

Tarot Tips – Not to give up soon if there are delays or postponement as future success is assured.

       LIBRA – 23rd Sept–23rd Oct

Career – Try to be more mature in your business deals. Some connections in regard to your previous employment are also indicated.

Finance – Be very careful as some backstabbing or cheating is indicated.

Health – There will be relief from health issues and improvement is indicated after a period of suffering.

Relationship – Some problems are indicated as cheating or a scandal is indicated in the relationship.

Tarot Tips – Period of new beginnings as well as a warning to be careful.

     SCORPIO  – 24th  Oct–21st  Nov

Career – If you have been thinking about a plan or an idea. Now it is a good time to take action as some changes are indicated.

Finance – You might have a difficult choice or decision to make. It is something you probably need to make logically as some emotions will be attached.

Health – To enjoy good health, Charity is advisable.

Relationship – Relations will turn out to be much better than expected. There will be abundance, joy, passion and flow in life. Sometimes pregnancy is also indicated.

Tarot Tips – Time to celebrate, accept responsibility and lay the foundation for the future.

    SAGITARRIUS –  22nd  Nov–21st  Dec

Career – Indicates getting help and support in difficult time from a well wisher or you may get a call from your previous company.

Finance – Some changes are indicated for betterment. Whatever you have suffered in the past will be over as there is a sign of improvement in circumstances.

Health – Indicates confusion in taking decisions in regards to treatment, diet or exercise. Taking guidance from experience person is advisable.

Relationship – It indicates a conflict in the relationship due to Lack of Mutual Respect, domination or one person trying to impose will on other.

Tarot Tips – Care and Patience will be rewarded.

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