16 Songs You Need On Your Playlist Before You Hit The Road

This World Music Day, let’s celebrate the power and influence of music on our lives as travelers and artists. Because you know when it comes to traveling, what is the best companion, you must have guessed it right after seeing the heading of this article but let’s get excited because of its Music. Music and Travel, Music and every art to say are inseparable entities and that is the reason why the artist in you and the traveler in you always craves for some good music.

A traveler always has this perfect playlist on his mobile phone whenever he is traveling, but do not worry if you do not have such a playlist for now, because I will provide you with my playlist. You can use this for your next road trip. So, music is very personal and each of us has a different taste to it but these songs below will definitely awaken your traveler spirit if not anything else.

I have a suggestion, to some of this music watch the videos before. The starry nights and the endless roads, the magnificent beaches, and the majestic mountains would definitely give you some travel goals. It’s beautiful to see a musicians journey and connect to it. So without wasting any more time below are some of the greatest travel songs with some awesome videos.

Jai Wolf – Indian Summer

Let’s start with something from youtube, so this song by Jai Wolf was an instant hit among the travelers on youtube. The video is something that everyone can relate to, it is about a musician’s solo journey through some breathtaking locations around the world while he meets new people. The song is a mixture of electronic instruments and voices creating a refreshing vibe.


Faded – Alan Walker

Shot in Estonia with breathtaking videography of a war-torn land, the music video of the song captures a man finding his home. The music is eccentric and beautiful at the same time. It just feels good to hear the voice of Norwegian artist Iselin Solheim. DJ Alan Walker has definitely done a great work in this.


Safarnama – Tamasha

Lucky Ali is gonna get a lot of mention in this list. Safarnama from Ranbir and Deepika’s Tamasha has to be in here. The whole movie and not just the video definitely gave travel goals to each of us travelers and Bollywood lovers. Lucky Ali’s voice is magic and well the name AR Rahman as the music director speaks for itself.


Mental Manadhil – O Kadhal Kanmani

For those who do not know which movie this is, O Kadhal Kanmani is a fantastic Tamil Romantic film whose Bollywood version was Ok Jaanu. The songs of this movie, as well as everything else,  was much better than Ok Jaanu. The video is worth the watch as these two talented actors Dulquer Salmaan and Nithya Menen take a bike trip across Mumbai. You should check out other songs too like Theera Ulaa and Aye Sinamika from the same album.


Applejack – The triangles

One of the offbeat tracks I recommend and I am pretty sure you must not have heard about. You may find the official version of the video from the channel of a Beer Company. But the video is pretty much around, and it depicts some friends going on a trip to Spain. The vocals and the chorus are pretty awesome and suit the video quite well.


James Blunt – Bonfire Heart

James Blunt is an amazing British singer and Bonfire Heart is definitely one of his best songs. In the video Blunt rides across the country meeting new people and clicking their photographs. This song is thus perfect for solo travelers and the vocals are just so amazing. Bonfire heart is a must for you.


Hairat – Anjaana Anjaani

Coming back to Lucky Ali and movies that inspired travelers among us, Hairat is the perfect car song for a road trip. Anjaana Anjaani gave us travel goals at a time when travelers were not even a thing, everytime I listen to this song, I can see myself driving across the barren lands of Nevada. I hope it gives you the same vibes when you listen to it.


Paradise – Coldplay

Paradise is one of the best travel songs. Coldplay’s videos are anyways stunning with colorful imagery and a great concept. Paradise follows the life of an elephant as he breaks through the zoo and travels the world to meet its friends in the forest. It’s an amazing video with such beautiful music and lyrics.


Aao Milo Chale – Jab We Met

It was 2007 when the blockbuster movie of Shahid and Kareena – Jab We Met released. From Manali to train journeys to Punjab and catchy songs, our 2007 was definitely lit. Every traveler definitely has seen this movie and fantasized about taking similar journeys. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics and Pritam’s music is definitely right on this track and the video is just so awesome.


Khaabon ke Parindey – ZNMD

Zoya Akhtar’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara gave us serious life goals. A road trip to Spain with your best friends is definitely everybody’s dream. Khaabon ke Parindey on top of it is a mesmerizing song with so good lyrics to accompany. The best part of the music is its simplicity, it just flows through in serenity. The video is just so dreamy as well, the one part where horses run with the car is so beautiful to look at.


Journey Song – Piku

A rather unconventional movie, Piku is a fun Bollywood movie. The essence of the movie is beautifully captured in the song as well. Anupam Roy and Shreya Ghoshal give a new and refreshing touch to the song. It works so well as a car song for road trips in addition to Hairat. The Bengali verse in the music is well so ingenious.


Kygo – Raging

Kygo is one the best DJ right now, and his songs always have a travel concept. Raging is such a beautiful song with a very creative video. It is of Kygo’s Album Cloud Nine which features the Irish Rock Band Kodaline. The video features a boy searching for his girl in different scenarios around the city remembering his love for her.


Iktara – Wake Up Sid

Both versions of the song in the movie are just fabulous. One version is by Kavita Seth and Amitabh Bhattacharya which became extremely famous and is still one of the best songs of Bollywood. The one by Tochi Raina or the Sufi Version of the song is lesser known but has a different touch of its own. It’s one of the best travel songs, with my personal recommendation.


The Japanese House – Cool Blue

I don’t know if you know about this song or not, but if you don’t, then you have to search for it now. The song cool blue is exactly like its name, it is so cool and refreshing, best if you are an early morning traveler and you just want to take a walk in a strange city. It’s a very refreshing song and you would love me for this recommendation.


Phir Se Udd Chala – Sunshine Tours and Travel

Before you think this is a song from Rockstar, it’s not, it’s from a smaller movie called Sunshine Tours and Travel. The video if the song is amazing and the vocals by Siddharth Basrur is mesmerizing as well. It’s not a very famous song or a movie, but it has all the travel vibes to it.


Ilahi – Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

From the movie where it started all, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani inspired the whole generation of travelers in India with its brilliant song and a great and refreshing storyline. Ilahi was just one of the songs that will inspire us forever apart from some great songs like Kabira and Subhanallah. Kabir’s life as he travels through Europe as a photographer for a traveler channel gave us serious goals.


img-20180107-wa0000-420276560.jpgThis post was written by Snehanshu Shome. He calls himself a Rahagir. A voyager in its true sense. He has packed his bags and is ready to take you on his escapades, which he narrates through his blogs and photos.

I know I left out a lot of songs which are made for the sole purpose of inspiring us to travel, but I could list out only a few. If you have some of your personal favorites that you want to share, feel free to list out in the comments.


5 thoughts on “16 Songs You Need On Your Playlist Before You Hit The Road

  1. Ila Awate Editor - Writer - Certified Life Coach June 21, 2018 — 21:55

    Couldn’t be more apt. But why jusy 16?
    Can you also write about songs for the beach trip?


    1. Snehanshu Shome June 23, 2018 — 11:35

      Beach Songs!! Wow you just gave me the idea for next article.


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