What Makes An Indian Dad A Modern Day Superhero?

Indian Dads are Superheroes.

So what does it takes to be a superhero? A cool backstory, kickass action, a romantic angle and most importantly lots of responsibility (with great power comes great responsibility)? I know I know what you must be thinking, Indian Dads are overprotective, so stick to their rules of the society and all that but let me change your perception towards this.

Here are some cool things that only Indian Dads and can do and this is what makes them Superheroes.

A solid backstory

Well, every superhero has that, Batman had a rough past, Flash had his father arrested for a crime he didn’t do, Superman was sent to an alien planet and Aquaman had to swim across the seven oceans. Our dads – the Indian Dads always have these cool backstory where they crossed miles and miles in a cycle and walked and swum across the river to reach their schools. Some of our dads also had to bear the responsibility of all their younger siblings once they started to earn. They also never get shy to tell this story to us each and every time we do something irresponsible.

Exceptional Powers

Being an Indian dad, and that too stereotyped to be an adult male in Indian Society is tough. So, at the age we are traveling across the world and enjoying all the luxuries, most of our dads were working their ass off to support their families. Also from plumbing to electric faults, taxation to mechanic stuff our dads know it all and every time we get stuck in anything, well our dads are always happy to help. They do give a lot of advice and remarks as to why don’t we know such stuff!

Romantic Angle


Think about this, in the age of Tinder and social media, we still haven’t found our love and keep complaining about it. Think about our dads, they made their arranged marriage work and found love in it (at least most of them). I mean yes! Moms made it work too but this post is about father’s day let celebrate their joy in finding love even when they had no say on it. Most of these arranged marriage love stories of our parents are so cute, just like Clark Kent and Lois Lane perhaps!!

The Superhero Struggle

Think about it, their parents were even more strict and stuck to ideals than our parents would ever be. And this was a time when the economic situation of the country was just beginning. Be it a business or a government job, our dads have definitely made the best out of all such situations to give us a decent lifestyle. From cars to phone and ACs to vacation these are all the luxuries that we are having because they made us capable of it. Today, we cant even think of a life without it and they led a whole lifestyle like this.

Saving the world 

giphy (2).gif

 If they are overprotective of us, they have a reason for this, they have seen more world than we have. Like every superhero, they want to face off the villains of the world single-handedly and not let us go anywhere near that. This does not always help us in the long run, but you can’t blame the superhero from saving the world, in this case, the world is his family.

Loads of Responsibilities

Believe it or not, we were more nuisancegiphy (1).gif to our parents than Joker ever was to Batman. They cannot hate us for pooping and vomiting all around the house when we were babies. They still helped moms in changing our diapers and putting us to sleep. All the cool stuff, making us swing all around, make us learn bicycle and then later car and bikes, guess who was always the teacher.

A great teacher

Just like Batman has Robin and Flash has Wally West, we are our Dad’s Prodigy, inheriting his talents and skills. Very cool stuff and true facts of life, Dad always shows us around it. He may scold for it or even beat you blue black but he always wants you to be the best version of yourself.

The cape of protection


Every difficulty in your life makes you remind of your dad. He has been your guardian angel, to whom you always look up to in any kind of trouble. The superpower in this is he always has a solution to all the problems you just need to talk to him about it and he would be happy to help.

What’s your superpower, Batman – “I am rich”

He is rich and sufficient and he has earned it. Every time you need money in whatever difficult situation you are in, your dad would never refuse you for some extra cash. At every point of your life, you actually learn from him not only to use this superpower of money but also where to spend it wisely, and where to save it. Your dad’s your personal banker giving you free advice based on his experience.

Always being there

Just like a superhero, even if you think you don’t need him anymore, he still would be protecting you and looking for you. He is a guardian and he won’t ever quit that job no matter how old you grow up.

img-20180107-wa0000-420276560.jpgThis post was written by Snehanshu Shome. He calls himself a Rahagir. A voyager in its true sense. He has packed his bags and is ready to take you on his escapades, which he narrates through his blogs and photos.

That’s Indian Dads guys and all the qualities that make him a superhero.

Tell us in what way do you think your Dad is your superhero.
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