Dine or Shop? Get’em both at Plum by Bent Chair

Kamala Mills has been dotted with concept restaurants for a decade now. I remember playing with test tubes at Chemistry 101 just like it was yesterday and now – Plum by Bent Chair.

As you take the elevator for the third floor of Trade View building, you are transported to a new world – A plush pan Asian restaurant. Take a left and boom! You enter a massive section that houses 3 restaurants within itself – one of them having Asia’s largest bar table!

Plum by Bent chair - Ambience
Plum by Bent chair – Ambience

We are escorted by Sanket who helps us find a window facing seat and looks at our perplexed faces. Why perplexed, you ask? Well, firstly the ambience of Plum takes you by a storm. I can’t tell you if its opulent or quirky – it is actually a balance of the two. It’s a lavish set up with plenty of eye-catching decor items scattered around. Mind you when I say scattered, not even a bit chaotic! Each product your eye meets is contemporary and one of a kind and vibrant in its shade. And I say scattered because it’s literally everywhere.

You sit on your table and can’t help but notice a funky skull plate awaiting your meals. Your eyes hover all over the place and you notice at least one new artifact every time you look around. At least from my table, I could see a wall full of horses, fishes, a crockery unit.

Feelin the vibes already? Wait till you hear me out.

So Sanket finally solves the mystery. At Plum, you can purchase anything you see around you. Anything here refers to crockery, the artifacts, wall art etc. Yes, you heard me. That is the USP of India’s first true retail restaurant.

Think of it this way – you get to dine & shop together until your food comes reaches the table.

Takes us 5 seconds to comprehend what Sanket just said.

Hmm, moving on to the Starters

Plum by bent chair kamala mills lower parel (1)Plum by bent chair kamala mills lower parel

Our meal started with a deluge of starters!

Must try –

  • Crispy Mushroom spring roll – Minced mushroom rolled & fried up are a must on your visit to Plum when the rains pour down.
  • Seafood Wonton – Awww! To say this one was mouthwatering, would be an understatement. Succulent prawns in the wrapped in a crispy wonton setting make this one a must on my next visit here.
  • Prawn Sesame Toast – This dish is a mood setter for me and I just kept on craving for more!
Had a bite of the Bao and it was just perfect in its texture & stuffing.
Dimsum at Plum by Bent Chair at Plum by Bent Chair

Diet-conscious? Plum offers a huge variety of dimsums for every taste bud. Right from a sweet potato one to white fungus chicken – they’ve got you covered!

Salad at Plum by Bent chair
Szechuan Pepper Roast Chicken Salad

A special shout-out to the salads at Plum – Szechuan Pepper Roast Chicken Salad and Black Fungus & Bamboo Shoot salad. French crunchy veggies bathed in a saporous vinaigrette, which was just perfect to moisten them and not bring down the crispiness.

Coming to the soup –

You know how much I adore my Thai food & this one didn’t disappoint me a bit! Plenty, like really plenty of chicken and chunks of mushroom, tossed in chili oil and simmered in coconut broth.

Thai High Soup at Plum by bent chair
Thai High Soup

Talking about the Main Course

You sure can’t miss at the robust pieces of chicken & prawns in there, can you? A blast of flavors marked these preparations contrary to the usual delicate butter garlic prawns. But am I complaining? Hell, No!

To go with these, we tried a refreshing range of Mocktails

Each mocktail here has a personality of its own! The one with a sweet tooth has a drink with whipped butterscotch ice cream while someone like me who loves experimenting tried a lemonade with kafir leaves and smashed avocado.

Ended the day on a sweet-but-wont-hurt-your-diabetes Panna Cotta.

Dessert panna cotta at plum by bent chair
Panna Cotta

Fresh mangoes, kiwis, melons along with a light cream Panna Cotta. Ideal dessert after a heavy meal!

Overalls –

The Music at Plum by Bent Chair is mood setting and peppy, not interrupting, unlike other lounges. The waiters are quite courteous and make sure you get exactly what you are craving for. There are tables for everyone – couples, families, friends etc. Oh, and did I mention they are spaced out as well?

The next time you are in Kamala Mills or anywhere in Lower Parel, this is the place you got to try!

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