16 Awkward Questions Every Food Blogger Comes Across

We get paid for gulping the fanciest of preparations, reviewing restaurants and much more. Food blogging or writing about restaurants on Zomato is indeed a glamorous job and I have no regrets for pursuing this hobby of mine!

Sharing a couple of amusing & sometimes annoying instances which every Zomato reviewer can relate to –


“You’re getting fat because you eat so much free food”

We eat right & exercise on time and yet there will be people around who’ll comment on us!

– Ambika Bahadur, Bite Me Ang


“Do you even eat food before writing about it?”

Well, no. I’m just guessing how it would taste like from the way it looks!

– Rifa Rafiq Juvale, Foodie Deewani


people staring at food blogger.gif

When people give us those stares. Those stares that say – “Oh he is clicking too many pictures, must be a Food Blogger”

– Tushar Mangl, www.tusharmangl.com/


“When there are multiple dishes or plenty of dishes with plates full of food, people comment – Woah! How did you finish all of this?”

Dude^ The fact is that we have to click, taste & review the food; there’s no compulsion to finish it all.


“Where does all the fatty food and desserts you eat go? How are you not so fat?”

Because I balance it with workouts and home cooked food as well! Duh!

– Harsh Bhagtani & Payal Raghani, The Imperfect Blend


Our plus one will always complain that our food gets cold. “Why?” you ask.

Because we made Rajma Chawal a f#$%ing model!


Food blogger restaurant reviewer life troll.png

– Rishabh Jain, The Last Bite


“Hogaya? Khaau ab?” Says your plus one as you struggle to get one decent Instagram worthy photograph.

Little do they know *This struggle is real!*


Also, it’s annoying when you want your own space while at the restaurant and the Manager keeps popping after every dish and asks how it was.

– Drashti Bhalani, Sorted India


“Do you even know who she is?”

As a blogger, it makes us uncomfortable when we dine out with other friends and in case there is a delay in order or something gets messed up, that is how my friends start the conversation with the restaurant management.


“Are you not clicking a photograph?”

As I dig in my Freak shake without Snapchat-ting it, my friends wonder around me – “No photoshoot today?”

– Poornima Reddy, Purnis Food Blog


“As much as this may come as a surprise to you, we do not eat more than one dinner at night.”

Dhaval Zaveri


When chefs sell anything under the pretext of it being authentic.

giphy (1).gif

Hate it when chefs take ‘creative liberties’ while cooking certain things and call it authentic. No sir, I won’t accept an ‘authentic’ ragout with red chilly powder, cumin, and coriander in it. Nor will I accept it if you give me an orange gravy with noodles floating about and call it ‘authentic pho’.

– Poorna Banerjee, Presented By P


Food blogger weird experiences.gif

People enter restaurants with pretty looking partners and here we enter with a DSLR!

– Afreen Ansari, Unfiltered.in


“Get some parcel for us as well”

We’re tired of our friends asking this all the time!

– Neetha MH, Neethu Photography


When people look at our tiny frames and ask us ” You had all this alone? Seriously?”

“Don’t you feel bored eating outside every day?”

– Riya Suri, The Foodies Express

That’s all guys! Just wanted to share some hilarious instances from our life as a Food Blogger with you.

Trust me, initially, you feel daunted, but as time flies, you start enjoying the entire process – Trying new cuisines, connecting with co-bloggers, knowing about the best restaurants in the city (and boasting about it) etc.

Do you have any questions for a Food Blogger? Or rather now that you’ve read the post, have you asked a silly question to your friend whose a verified Zomato reviewer? 😉

Hit Like us if you found this post relatable or at least as an ode to all the Food Bloggers who keep answering your silly questions 😛

What do u think?

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