Here’s Why Bombay Adda, Santacruz should be your next Adda!

It’s been a while since we did a restaurant review, but I promise we’ll make up for it in the next few days.

Team FoP was invited to a dinner at one of Mumbai’s popular rooftop restaurants, Bombay Adda at Santacruz.

Now when I say a rooftop, what comes to your mind?

A classy fine dining restaurant?

You may want to rethink that definition coz Bombay Adda is a game changer. I’ve been to Aer, Asilo and several other rooftops but never have I seen people relishing a Vada Pav up there.

So for starters, Bombay Adda is located on the 8th and 9th floor of Nike Showroom on the Link Road, Santacruz West. On the 8th floor is a full-fledged bar while on the 9th floor, you have a casual rooftop with both an AC section as well as a non AC yet well-fanned division.


What struck me as soon as I entered was that the music. Usually, at other rooftops I’ve been to, the music is Hollywood during the evening and it graduates towards Bollywood as the night crawls in. But here it was Bollywood. I’m so not complaining! And the volume was decent. A group of 6 can have a decent conversation without the music interrupting.

For some odd reasons, I prefer Open Kitchens and well Bombay Adda quenches my thirst here as well.


Ideal for all age groups – We saw young couples, groups (read heaps) of friends/ colleagues, families.

Starters –

  1. When asked for their signature starter, our server didn’t take a minute to think and pointed at Hummusa. Curious! Is that a spelling mistake? Well nop, Hummasa = Hummus + Samosa. The preparation is a fusion but blends so well. And it’s quite heavy on your tummy too.Hummus samosa hummasa at Bombay Adda rooftop in santacruz west mumbai
  2. Next up we had Balti Spice Chicken Skewers – The perfect adjunct to your drinks. Dripping sauce all over it and a spicy marinade make this starter a must on your list, when at Bombay Adda.Balti Chicken Skewer starters at Bombay Adda

Main Course –

  1. Paneer Makhanwala – We were sure by now that the waiter knew our taste preferences pretty well. So we went with Paneer Makhanwala as soon as he mentioned about it.

And we weren’t disappointed!

Paneer Makhanwala main course at Bombay Adda rooftop in mumbai

Never has my Paneer Makhanwala come up decked up so well! A bite of Kulcha with the gravy would melt in my mouth. Again a good portion, enough for two.

2. Cooker Ki Biryani – Not much of a Chicken Biryani fan but liked it here. Less spicy, good big chunks of chicken and a heavy raita to go with it.

Biryani main course at Bombay Adda rooftop in mumbai

Desserts –

If you are any bit like me, your eyes stop at the words… Cheesecake! And especially when you read Baked Blueberry Cheesecake, it’s like THE END!

Bluebbery Cheese cake dessert at Bombay Adda rooftop in mumbai

So we ordered for one and weren’t disappointed even a bit. Cheesecakes are all about consistency and this one meets all our parameters!

Cocktails –

The secret to combatting summer in India is a cold rejuvenating drink and even better when it’s a signature one. At Bombay Adda, we satiated our quench with 3 such cocktails, each better than the previous one.

1. Tubelight – Don’t be surprised to know the crazy combination of ingredients that go in the making of this Vodka based cocktail, but Tubelight is perfect after a long day at the office.

Mild tones and extremely refreshing!

2. She – Torn between the classic wine and robust vodka? She is your poison! It’s a power packed drink with wine dominating the flavour. Ideal for a wine lover who wishes to try something new.

2. Gateway to Adda – When he told me this drink was a blend of Gin and Cucumber, I was hesitant. But I gave in… and it turned out to be my favorite drink of the evening. A quintessential summer drink!

 Overalls –

Apart from the prime location, Bombay Adda should be your adda. I’m someone who likes my food piping hot and Bombay Adda didn’t disappoint me even a bit there. The waiters were polite and well acquainted.

The plating was quirky and fused with the catchy name of the rooftop. The service was prompt and with the music and IPL screening, the atmosphere, vibrant!

P.s. This place requires a reservation so do call up in advance to avoid disappointment.

Find this place here –

That’s all for now guys. See you very soon!

Lots of love,Leena S.

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