Why I love the world? Ft. Lufthansa India


The world is full of wonders.

Different faces, different races, different beliefs,  different cultures, different countries; different societies, and these differences are the elements that made the world amazing.

I love to unravel the mystery behind every culture and artifacts, the history behind peoples’ belief and religion, witness the marvels of the world before my eyes and capture the moment, where the sun rises up and where it sets.

I would love to taste different cuisines and knit stories about it. I would love to see how people celebrate festivals and holidays.

I love to meet different heart-warming people and take part in their world. I want to watch children laughing and reach out to help and feed the hunger of the stomachs of less fortunate.

I want to see how disciplined Japanese are,Wanderlust

I want to see how Taj Mahal changes its color,

I want to see how Americans spend Thanksgivings and Black Fridays,

I want to see how Africans sing and dance as their tradition,

I want to see the beauty of mountains and seas,

I want to see how every country preserves their cultures despite this modern world.

I want to explore the world,  make music, write poetries and tell tales of its wonder, that warm and feed my soul.


I am Puneet, a poet, blues musician, traveller and nomad. These days, trying my hand at wall arts and entrepreneurship as well. The more that I travel, the more perspectives I attain.

Well, that was my story as to why I love the world. Tell me in the comments below your reason to love the world – Exploring the hidden gems, gorging on different cuisines or just to escape the mundane life!


4 thoughts on “Why I love the world? Ft. Lufthansa India

  1. “The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.” ~ Supertramp

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