12 Ugly Fashion Trends That Need to Exit Rightaway

Fashion is more about experimenting and exploring new trends. Absolutely.

But while we may call it an experiment, we sometimes forget its got to be more intuitive and elegant. Throw in a couple of pieces and put up an ensemble that makes you look stylish, not grab eyeballs with people looking amused (for all the wrong reasons).

Picking up 12 ugly and awful fashion trends I’ve been eyeing for the past couple of years now, waiting to eventually get tired and accept them, but in vain.

1. Coloured Mascara

Coloured mascara ugly fashion trend
Image courtesy – http://bit.ly/2G7BhDM

Please don’t tell me I am the only one who doesn’t like the trend of colored mascara! And let me tell you here, I love the effect of a regular mascara. The way it lifts your eyes and accentuates your face, but why spoil with it a color?

FoP recommends – Experiment with colorful eyeshadows, add a white tint to your eyes or simply go with smokey eyes if you must.

2. Colorful Lipstick

Colorful lipstick - dirty fashion trend

If you tell me you are dabbing a lip shade, I would believe you are putting up a bright pink shade, at max fuchsia, or a matte red for a date night. I’d still forgive you for a Marsala.

But a tacky one like Blue or violet? We’re so not talking!

3. Wearing Just One Earring

Single earring ugly fashion trend - that boho girl - krittika khurana

So I was just going through some videos and came across Kritika Khurana’s Goa vlog . Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love her bohemian blog . But, I just don’t get the trend of wearing a single feather earring.

It’s definitely not chic!

It seems as if one of your earrings has fallen off or you’ve forgotten it back home. Oh, and it doesn’t exude a carefree attitude at all!

4. Tight hair buns with a middle partition

So, if you’ve been following Deepika Padukone for a while, you must have witnessed her style transition from casuals to dresses to sarees and from loose waves to messy buns to…. to strands being pulled out into a tight bun.

Well, for us that immediately emphasizes on her broad forehead and makes her look quite old without doing any justice to her expressive eyes.

5. Wearing a blazer over your shoulder

Blazer over Shoulder fashion trend

Here comes another uncomfortable trend. The second half of  2017 saw everyone sporting up a blazer/ jacket over their shoulders than wearing it.

Not only is it really confining to balance and walk in it, but also spoils the sophistication a tailored suit lends to your overall outfit. Beauty lies in the grace of a suit, the way it falls on your shoulder, accentuates your curves and fits you perfectly on the elbows, so let’s stick to it.

6. A delicate flowing maxi dress with sturdy shoes


A comfortable trend, no doubt!

And pairing flowy dresses with feminine sandals or pop colored slip-on looks really cute! ❤

But here’s the deal – Converse shoes look pretty with dresses but not the sturdy, masculine ones. Nah. Not even a bit.

7. One side suspended overalls

Another trend that’s all over Instagram is overalls. And these are regular rompers. Just like the ones you and I have but.. with a twist.

The twist is that people are flaunting their overalls with one suspender unpinned. Like why?

8. Infinite Scarves


Scarves are the most versatile piece you could have in your wardrobe. Undoubtedly.

Wear them in a complimenting style – around your neck, like a shrug or some other way. But I believe Infinity scarves draw attention to more problematic areas in your body and are just unflattering.

9. ‘Overly’ Distressed Jeans


Distressed jeans have been a rage for quite a while now. Doll them up with a smart tee/ slogan tee and you are done.

But overly distressed jeans (Read disgusting jeans) or the ones with large holes enough for air circulation are not my things. I find them really tacky! And not to forget how some even wear fishnet maize under it.

10. Mismatched ‘Patchy’ Jeans


This one’s a comparatively new trend or rather a blend.

What is it? Your tailor fell short of fabric or something?

And that’s not it. There’s also a fashion of wearing pants (because I don’t know how else can I explain) which have denim on one side of the leg and a sweat pant on the other.

11. Wearing stocking with heels


Oh, this one’s an all-time favorite. Reminds me of the white uniform-clad nurses. Either wear boots or wear shoes with socks. What an unattractive trend is this of pairing up stocking with sandals!

12. Fanny Packs

Santoshi Shetty blogger.png

So if you’ve been following India’s leading blogger Santoshi Shetty, you must have come across her #TheStyledgeEurope series. Now, trust me I admire her dressing to the core. But the Fanny pack (Yes this hideous thing has a fancy name) in all her pics gave me sleepless nights.

She’s wearing a jacket – boom this ugly thing appears; she wear’s a pretty dress, bang it pops out!

I agree it’s convenient but arr…!

And that’s all for now guys! This was one fun post I wanted to share with you guys since a long time. Take it in the right spirit 😉

Oh btw, don’t forget to tell me in the comments below about that one trend you find ugly to the core. The one you can’t stand! And while you are at that, don’t forget the hit “LIKE”!

Also, we have another fun, fashion post lined up pretty soon. *Drumbeat* so wait for it!

2 thoughts on “12 Ugly Fashion Trends That Need to Exit Rightaway

  1. hahaha. some trends are so cringe-worthy.

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