Forget Tomorrowland. Here are The Top 5 Unique Music Festivals from North India.

A definitely indefinable experience, these top unique Indian music festivals are spreading like a virus amongst the youth of the nation.

Here we present some of the top unique music festivals of North India, which are worth traveling for:

1. The Escape Festival of Art and Music

Escape music festival in india

Where is it? Any photogenic resort at Naukuchiatal, UP

We recommend? It is the perfect place to spend some quality time with friends and family

What’s so special? One of the first festivals in the country set around a scenic getaway appealing to young and old alike

When? It usually is held in May as a three-day festival

This unique music festival of Art and Music is for people who love any kind of-of art let alone music. Full of unique and amazing feature bands, scriptwriters, photographers, graffiti artist, and tattoo artists in a kingdom of talent. It is as such a festival camp, a perfect music festival and a flea market altogether – a dream come true for artists.

2. Hornbill International Festival

Hornbill music festival in india.jpg

Where is it? Kohima, Nagaland

We recommend? If you can dance, then dance; if you can sing, then sing. It is the best retreat for the party lovers.

What’s so special? With a plethora of contests and music performances at this fest, it is one of the longest music events in the country.

When? Usually, in the first week of December, it extends to be a 7-day fest, well literally.

Hornbill festival presents a brew of music and cultural displays. Usually organized in the first week of December, this fest gives attractive cash prizes to the winners. The utterly enthusiastic music lover audience is a feather in the cap for all the performers. This festival also includes feasts, games, dances and a lot of music, you name it they have it.

3. Ziro

ziro music festival in india.jpg

Where is it? Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

We recommend? Click amazing photos, enjoy the high beats of the electric music amidst the essence of beautiful nature, so here you get the best of both worlds.

What’s so special? At 5500 feet surrounded by misty mountains, this unique fest of music is fantastically located at the most happening and enjoyable outdoor festival in the country.

When? Falls in the month of September, it is a weeklong fest

Imagine yourself with a cool breeze brushing you all over and the best electric music wooing your eardrums! To say it in the ‘Chandler’ style – could it BE any better? Over thirty artists performing in the picturesque environs of Ziro valley is nothing less than a haven for all music lovers.

4. Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Fest

Kasauli Rhythm music festival in India.jpg

Where it is? Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

We recommend? Kasauli is in itself a paradise and when in sync with the melodious music, it has no match!

What’s so special? This fest endeavors a Noble cause, it is a fundraiser for the underprivileged children to help them with their health.

When? Block your dates for April!

With the musical concoction of Blues, Rock, Jazz, Funk, Folk Rock, Fusion and Electro-Rock-Folk in a humbly grand setting surrounded by the picturesque valleys of Kasauli – this festival is truly an experience beyond words!

5. Shiva Squad Festival

Shiva squad music festival in india.jpg

Where it is? Morpheus Valley Resort, Manali

We recommend? To experience the healing music and enjoy the cultural activities there.

What’s so special? This is spiritual cum musical event

When? In September, it is a 3 festival

This is the festival that combines adventure with music. This fest showcases amazing and the finest artists from genres of Trance, Psy-Trance, Jazz, Fusion, Classical, etc. Also, it offers a platform for everyone to show their different talents whilst encouraging unity of various cultures.


Ila is a writer by passion & profession! She is also a fashion stylist, professional life coach, a learning coach & a spiritual coach! Those who seek her guidance, always return uplifted with deep, transformational, practical insights and most importantly: with a smile!
Her hobbies include travelling, listening soulful music, composing poems. She believes – “a smile in any given situation is the truest sign of success!”
Keep Shining your Light.
If you’re a music lover and want to enjoy some amazing and finest music in the country India, then don’t forget to join these events.Enough of words now is the time to plan a trip – simply immerse yourself in the scintillating musical experience, and rise above the senses – witness the heart of nature and soul of music marry each other at these destination music festivals.


3 thoughts on “Forget Tomorrowland. Here are The Top 5 Unique Music Festivals from North India.

  1. Ranjeet Mukadam May 11, 2018 — 21:29

    Lively blog, beautiful idea, brilliant research, superb, exotic & amazing as always whenever it is from one & only ILA. Thanks for sharing & best wishes.


  2. Great research and info for music lovers….thank you Ila

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