Here’s an unconventional way of celebrating Valentine’s Day

So what’s your plan for the Valentine week? A special date with your loved one or a
cheesy romantic movie night. Let’s break the cycle this valentine’s day by doing
something we have never done before. To all my single friends, I guarantee you
that some of the tips in this article will definitely make you feel more loved and
less lonely on the day of love.
So, while we are busy in the daily routine of our lives, there are some people who
have devoted themselves to the upliftment of the underprivileged community.
Well yes! I know what pops up in your head reading this. It’s true. Maybe you
don’t feel privileged enough to get down and start working for the people below
your economic strata. But once you visit a village, a small school, an NGO, you
realize that this particular venture always looks forward to helping in any way. For
years, our idea about NGO has been stuck with just donations, but the social
culture in India has risen above it. The NGOs these days are social
entrepreneurship ideas, brilliant ideas working towards the betterment of the
There is always a term that my mentor used to mention when I was working with
one such organization – “ Individual Social Responsibility”. As humans, we should
have this sense of responsibility for other human beings, specifically the
underprivileged ones. When we take on this responsibility only then can we truly
understand the “Joy of Giving”
Let’s now have a look at how you can fulfill this responsibility and start sharing the
love on this Valentine’s day not only to those who are around you but to those who
are devoid of it.

1. Goonj

GOONJ-A-VOICE-AN-EFFORT.jpgOffices in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata
This organization has proved how one idea can bring about a revolution.
With its concept of “Trash Economy” and the flagship program of “Cloth for
Work” Initiative, Goonj has successfully brought a change in the villages of
22 states. This organization collects old and used materials from the people and uses it as an economy for the development of the rural areas. It is
currently working with over 250 local organizations and a huge number of
volunteers spread across the country. The major work of the volunteers
being organizing collection drives starting from their own locality.
So, if you are up for taking on a responsibility, join Goonj for being a
volunteer or if you do not have that much time, just collect everything
unused at your home and visit any of the collection centers whichever is
nearby. You might get a visit to the office and there will be people
explaining to you how exactly stuff works in Goonj.
Get more information on

2. Child Rights and You (CRY)

cry ngoOffices in New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore,
One of the primary vision of CRY is to honor the rights of India’s Children,
that means ensuring that children have an access to basic utilities like
Education and Health. CRY works in a little different way, instead of
directly working at grass root level, it focuses on providing resources to
local institutions and people. This organization is actively involved in
spreading awareness of child rights and violations that happen and
promotes a public support for such issues. There are a number of
volunteers actively involved in creating awareness in rural and urban areas.

Working with CRY as a volunteer can be your one step towards making the
lives of children better in India. You can volunteer virtually or locally, you
can also raise funds for CRY along with being a part of their programs.
Read what they do at

3. Make a Difference (MAD)

make_a_difference.jpgWorks across 23 cities
Make a Difference works with more than 3000 children in 67 shelter homes
across 23 cities in India. This organization is majorly known for it
volunteering system in place which has provided 18000 young leaders that
carry on the work of the organization. Even though the system to become a
volunteer is not so simple, but then they are looking for not only those
people who can commit their time and energy but also those who can
become role models to children at MAD.
The MAD Model works in various ways for the kids, they are first provided
with after-school help, then they are motivated and inspired for a bright
career along with dream camps that help them is self-growth and
transformation. Volunteers are assigned to mentor kids and be their role
model. If you are looking for making someone’s life better MAD gives you
just the opportunity for it.
Read about them at

4. Teach For India

Teach For India aims to bring about a change through their volunteers who
start on as full-time teachers to TFI classrooms but eventually become a
a larger part of the organization by being bringers of change and awareness.
In 2016 alone TFI’s initiatives impacted over 350 schools in various cities of
the country. Teach for India also organizes a very prestigious fellowship
programme for two years and the fellows after completion become their
alumni empowering the organization through various ways and bringing
towards systematic change in the education of India.
If you become a part of the organization as a volunteer, you will get to teach
underprivileged kids and you have to attend the schools on some particular
day. If you really like teaching, then this is a very good opportunity.
Read about the fellowship program and volunteering at

5. Bhumi


Spread across 14 cities of India
Bhumi is the largest youth volunteer NGO that works towards the cause of
Education, Environment, Animals and Community Welfare. With their
Ignite and Catalyse programs and a mission to drive a social change among
the people of this country, Bhumi has benefitted over 10000 children across
India. Mentoring Workshops, Computer Centres, and English speaking are
among the many initiatives taken up by the organization for the kids along
with awareness campaigns for the adults.
In this organization, you can work as a Volunteer, Intern, and Campus
Catalyst. Being a part of such large network of people will make your
experiences even better.
Read more about these at

The next three NGOs are region specific
6. Udayan Care
New Delhi

Udayan care.pngSince 1994, Udayan Care has transformed the lives of over 15000 kids. Their
primary initiatives being the Ghar Programme, which provides a home to
orphans and Shalini Fellowship, which provides a scholarship to girls.
Udayan Care. Started off with one family home, Udayan Care has now

spread across 13 homes in Delhi, NCR, Jaipur, and Kurukshetra providing a
home to over 350 kids. Volunteers at Udayan Care are allowed to spend time
with these kids and provide them with extra care and learning.
Drop them an Email or visit their website to know more about Volunteering
and Internships at this NGO.

7. Udaan India Foundation

d5fc3f_5fba80a914494dd8afc88def6e803b02.pngUdaan Foundation is an NGO in Powai Mumbai that works for the
betterment of kids from low-income communities. Udaan starts from
Kindergarten level and helps in the betterment of the kid’s lives throughout
their school years until they are employable.With a number of initiatives
like Saturday Club, Learning Centres, Libraries and Skill Enhancement
Centres this organization has a number of opportunities for volunteers
looking for such thing.
Volunteers get to decide whichever date they can attend the learning
centers and teach according to them. Udaan operates through offices in
Powai and the Saturday club is organized at a school in Chandivali
Know more

8. People for Animals

People for animals bangalore

Well, there is no better joy than spreading love to the animals. People for
Animal Wildlife Hospital is one such place to do that. This organization has
been working since 1996 to protect and preserve the wildlife of Bangalore
which has been under severe damage after urbanization of the city. PFA
calls for all wildlife enthusiasts to volunteer with them. They have a badge
system with volunteers and a proper training and learning process. One of
the unique things about this is that they ask the parent volunteers to bring
in kids with them. They have separate training courses for Kids as well.
Once you become a volunteer, you can feed and take care of the animals in
the organization. To all the animal lovers in Bangalore, this is a great
opportunity to show your love to them.
Read about them

img-20180107-wa0000-420276560.jpgThis post was written by Snehanshu Shome. He calls himself a Rahagir. A voyager in its true sense. He has packed his bags and is ready to take you on his escapades, which he narrates through his blogs and photos.

These are some few ways in which you can do your bit for others. Find your cause among these which you honestly support and start working towards it. This
valentine’s day, do something different than what everybody else is doing. The
perks of this are mere happiness.
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