MyGlamm Review + Surprise Discount Coupon Inside

No penny to guess which brand made my D day special?
A clue? Which is that brand that ‘Glam’med me up? 😛
Clueless? That’s a bleak possibility!

Yes it is none other than – MyGlamm

It all began as that day, I rose before the sun peeped through, it was still in its blanket and so was most of the rest of the world. Walked in my make up artist with her bag of tools and her skill. She studied me as a doctor would look at his patient who was just about to be operated, only this operation was without anesthesia – I was already half asleep from the previous day’s haldi function extending late into the night.


I looked into her eyes and smiled, she did smile back but her eyes were still busy virtually making me up.

And.. she opened her tool bag and out pop brushes and mops and tissues and yes most importantly – one of the rays of the just rising sun reflected onto something that shone straight into my eyes and that was my first encounter with – MyGlamm.


Suma – the makeup artist – completely oblivious of the fact was focused on arranging an array of tubes and dabbas, tins and lotions that soon would be going on my pretty little face. 🙂

And, then it all began one by one – a splash of this, a tinge of that, a whip of this, a glide of that! Quite an experience it was.

First came the Total Makeover FF Cream. This has-it-all compact foundation also comes in with a primer and corrector. Well, and did I tell you – the packaging is just drool worthy!

Buy here

“Hold on,” I screeched.

I wanted to not miss any step, so, I got up and adjusted the mirror in front of me such that I could see my face. Resume!

Already I could see the uber quality of this MyGlamm product which had evened out my face and with total noncakey, my face was sheer as a moon and smooth as silk. Aren’t we done already 😀 😀

Then was the turn of my eyes. The All-Eye-Need shadow palette that was dancing in front of my eyes as Suma held it up to choose the right shade, seemed absolutely gorgeous. Well, I didn’t feel like using the palette at all, because of the lovely colors and presentation. I wanted to grab it from her hands and stack it away in my cupboard. Oops did I reveal too much! Well, don’t you judge me, try the MyGlamm Palette, then blame me if at all!


She chose a dark red shade that would go perfectly with my Maroon sari. I was amazed at the perfect shade available. Before that maroon could go my eyes, first came on the nude eyeshadow, that evenly covered my eyes.

Get this here.

Already I was admiring myself in the mirror :P. Hey, I didn’t imagine how great I would look as the makeup proceeded skillfully and step by step.
And finally, now some color on my face. She skillfully applied the eyeshadow blending it beautifully with the inbuilt eye-primer and highlighter. These products are just so out of the box that they become an instant addiction!
The artist stepped back a couple of steps and with crowned eyebrows studied if the job was well done, both of us were more than happy with the look.

How can eye makeup be complete without liner and soon enough I found my eyelids half closed struggling to keep them half open and with a swift motion of the brush the eyeliner Jet Set eyes, was in its place, and before I could realize so were the false eyelids.

Buy Here

The ‘battle’ went on for a few more moments before I had my neck tashed to the left and I could hardly see the mirror from the nook of my eye. My favorite part of makeup is bronzing and contouring,” Suma, when will we be doing bronzing and contouring”, “Didi, first hair then the rest.”

What could I do but surrender to this skillful artist, as if I had any other option at that moment of time! 😀 I was letting the master do the job well done!

That could only mean one thing, YaY!!!!!!!!!!!! Finallyyyyyy bronzing and contouring.
But, NO!!!! 😦

It was the turn of my lips –
Lips don’t lie,
Smile is the first best thing I can do with my lips
The best curve on a woman is her smile…
Blah Blah

Ya, so you got my point.
Lipstick is a pretty important ingredient of a finished makeup look.
Suma layered my lips with 2 lipsticks from one bottle. Confused? Let me explain – So MyGlamm makes these amazing lipsticks, Colour Fusion which acts both as lipstick as well as a hydrating plumper. Their creativity is next level!

Get it here.

And the finished look was amazing – as you can see!

And, finally, I saw Suma pick up a contouring palette and a contouring brush.
And, then blush, contour, bronzing – all that followed – with just one product in hand – The Chisel It – Show Stopper.


Buy here.

Just this one product and a contouring brush works as bronzer, a blush and highlighter!

So one product which suits all skin types. Right from your younger sister to you Mummy, Maami, Chachi everyone can use it!

And, instead of describing it in words, I will let my photo do the work!

and, the princess of my Prince, was ready to make a King out of him and well.. not to mention A Queen out of herself!

Don’t we make for a cute, perfect couple?

And my mom, and my dear friends who were running in the background trying to keep up with my hunger pangs and thirst pangs all throughout this makeup well not ordeal but a great big deal!

Just because you were patient enough to read this post, I’m gonna treat you with a discount coupon. Yeah you heard me, head over to

& avail a direct discount of Rs.150 on your first purchase.

  • No T&C
  • Free Shipping

Also, while you are browsing on the MyGlamm website, don’t forget to check out their various offers. Like these –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Get them right here –

So that’s it for now guys! We urge you to try your hand on the MyGlamm products because we have tried them on our own skins. They not just blend beautifully with our Indian skin tones but also are easy to use and compact!

It’s time to pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day!

blue01.jpgKNOW THE BRIDE

Ila is a writer by passion & profession! She is also a fashion stylist, professional life coach, a learning coach & a spiritual coach! Those who seek her guidance, always return uplifted with deep, transformational, practical insights and most importantly: with a smile!

Her hobbies include travelling, listening soulful music, composing poems. She believes – “a smile in any given situation is the truest sign of success!”


10 thoughts on “MyGlamm Review + Surprise Discount Coupon Inside

  1. That’s so so so cool! You looked so pretty!!!!


  2. amazing.. review in form of storytelling.. great work and words.. loved to read entirely..
    go girl ila..



    1. Ila Awate Editor - Writer - Certified Life Coach February 13, 2018 — 11:41

      Thanks Dhawal ji 🙂


  3. Amazing 😍😍😍


  4. Amazing review!
    P.S. – You make the most wonderful bride!


  5. Amazing 👌


  6. lovely ..
    thanks for sharing will definitely try these products 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. lovely ..
    thanks for sharing will definitely try these products 😊


  8. Ranjeet Mukadam February 7, 2018 — 01:40

    Brilliant, breathtaking, beautiful artwork of words which makes reader feel like being part of the event in person. Superb & amazing !! And this time As Never Before!!👍👍👌👌!! Salutations, Congratulations and jubilations. Have a great life filled with joy, success, bliss and blessings of His Holiness Guruji & God.
    Your loyal fan watching this space for more from you (including menu …. yeah, in Food section)😁 Keep sharing ☺


  9. Excellent review!

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