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       CAPRICORN –  22nd Dec–19th Jan

 Career – Some problems are indicated. Time for you to seek consultation from someone who is more experienced.

Finance – Time to be very careful with your finances as someone may attack your finances and hence you need to defend your finances.

Health – Try and look forward to the future, plan your moves and prepare things in advance.  This is the best way of taking care of health.

Relationship – A need of sacrifice for your love or little adjustments will be required to avoid disagreement in relationships.

Tarot Tips – Time to end conflicts and begin new relations.

      AQUARIUS  – 20th Jan–18th Feb

Career – Stability in business and success in teamwork is indicated. There may even be a successful Business partnership.

Finance – You may have major financial difficulties, unexpected losses, or bad investments. Slowdown, plan carefully, proceed with caution, and get a second opinion if necessary.

Health – Through Inner strength and positive nature, you will recover.

Relationship – Indicates beginning of new relationship without any commitment.

Tarot Tips – Time to trust your instincts.

      PISCES  –   19th Feb–20th Mar

Career – If you have been thinking about a plan or an idea, now is a good time to take action as some changes are indicated.

Finance – Be careful in your dealings as some cheating is indicated.

Health – Health issues if not treated seriously could lead to hospitalization or surgery.

Relationship – Some issues are indicated in the relationship due to domination, ego Issues and control in the relationship.

Tarot Tips – Be courageous and move bravely in new areas or help and guide others to support you.

    ARIES –   21st Mar–19th Apr

Career – Period of success and good fortune will follow as past difficulties and struggle will come to an end, change for good and happiness.

Finance – Time to celebrate as some good news is indicated in regard to increment or promotion or anything which requires celebration.

Health – Indicates confusion in taking decisions in regards to treatment, diet or exercise. Taking guidance from experience person is advisable.

Relationship – Some problems are indicated as cheating or a scandal is indicated in the relationship.

Tarot Tips – Bury the past and enter a new life.

      TAURUS –  20th Apr–20th May

Career – Inspite of contentment for what has been achieved you will look for new opportunities for growth. You might also make some major decisions.

Finance – Good time to take action, things will move rapidly for you as some changes are indicated.

Health – You might feel stuck in health issues and might get over indulged in drugs or medicines. Try and look for inspiration in the form of proper treatment, diet or exercise.

Relationship – Lot of adjustments will be required to enjoy good relations. You will be accountable for your own choices.

Tarot Tips – Let your own light shine, both inside and outside yourself.

     GEMINI – 21st May – 21st Jun

Career – New opportunities are indicated in the form of new ideas, exciting projects, and creativity.

Finance – It indicates blockages of money and things not going your way. Don’t worry be positive and you will be able to deal with the situation properly.

Health – Money might be spend on some treatment or test but the reports will be positive. In some cases Pregnancy is also indicated.

Relationship – Be careful as there will be sudden exposure, which will come as a terrible shock, uncontrollable situation for which one is not prepared, or you may be falsely accused of something.

Tarot Tips – Time to end conflicts and begin new relations. 

      CANCER  – 22nd Jun – 22nd  July

Career – You will need independence and space before taking any decision. Taking advice from some expert is advisable. It also indicates temporary separation from work or going on a vacation.

Finance – It indicates Material stability and security after time of stress. Be generous enough to share as well as careful from unnecessary expense.

Health – Problems related to health could multiple, don’t ignore any illness and take doctors advice as and when required.

Relationship – After a heartbreak and disappointment in love, you will remain optimistic and look forward to better relationships in the future. You will manage to build up through past experiences and now you can face the future with optimism and strength.

Tarot Tips – Time to be accountable for your choices.

     LEO –  23rd Jul – 22rd Aug

Career – Things will not go as per your way and hence a period of disappointments and loss is indicated. Face the situation positively and be glad for what you still have.

Finance – It indicates mental stress, worries and struggle in handling finances. So don’t wait for any help just ask for it.

Health – Improvement in health after illness in indicated. You will enjoy good physical and mental health.

Relationship – There will be stability, acceptance of responsibility and sense of completion in the relationships. Sometimes Marriage or Engagement is also indicated in the family.

Tarot Tips – Time to explore other’s point of view.

      VIRGO –  23rd Aug–22nd  Sept

Career – Time to prepare for new experiences and ask yourself what you really would like to do. You will reach a level of maturity that will enable you to take appropriate risks. Travel is also indicated.

Finance – New challenging opportunities are indicated, which requires focus and increased clarity for a decision.

Health – To enjoy good health, Charity is advisable.

Relationship – Indicates struggle and conflict in love or marriage, Time to consider need of your loved ones.

Tarot Tips – Try to lighten the load and start practicing by saying No to people.

       LIBRA – 23rd Sept–23rd Oct

Career –New opportunities are indicated which will give money and emotional security.

Finance – Indicates stability in Finance. Money could be spent on enjoyment or on renovation of a house.

Health – Mental tension, worries or overburden of work might affect your health. Try to lighten work and exercise, meditate to enjoy good health.

Relationship – You will feel stuck in a traditional relationship or a bonded life from where you want to escape. If you want to come out, you need to put your own efforts, don’t expect any help.

Tarot Tips – Face Challenges with Courage and Enthusiasm.

     SCORPIO  – 24th  Oct–2

Career – Try to be more mature in your business deals. Some connections in regard to your previous employment are also indicated.

Finance – Be very careful in taking decisions as you might regret certain decisions

Health – Your efforts in maintaining your health will result in enjoyment of Good health.

Relationship – Close personal relationships will be unstable and volatile and may turn into arguments and conflict at any time. Try and be committed in the relationship.

Tarot Tips – Waiting period, not the right time for any decisions as some secrets will be revealed.

   SAGITARRIUS –  22nd  Nov–21st  Dec

Career – Time to put continued efforts and exercise of practical skills and let go of your expectations and cultivate patience as there will be delays and postponements but future success is assured.

Finance – Unexpected help from someone or a turning point is indicated related to finance in the near future.

Health – It indicates positive results from a new exercise program or therapy, but money will be spent on some health issues.

Relationship – You will get help and support in difficult time from a well wisher or a past lover will returns unexpectedly and the relationship is renewed, reconciliation in a marriage after a period of separation or you may be simply remembering past love affairs and finding pleasures in happy memories.

Tarot Tips – Need to focus on one thing at a time and to do that well.

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