10 last minute Christmas gift ideas to your rescue


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It is the time of rejoicing and merrymaking with Christmas and New Year literally knocking on the door. I am sure that by now you must have decked up your Christmas tree at home and office, baked some really yummy cakes and other sweet treats, made party plans but oops have you purchased gifts for all your near and dear ones. Think twice so that you may not have missed out that little one who lives next door or an aunt who will be in town for Christmas this year.

I can see you already counting. But there is absolutely no need to panic. There are a lot of options on which you can lay your hands on both online and offline. Here is a list of some gift ideas which will be easy for you to get at this last moment and also will be appreciated by your loved ones.

  1. A goody bag full of yummy treats like plum cake, gingerbread cookies, chocolates in shapes of Santa Claus or snowman will perhaps be the perfect gift for this holiday season. These are available at your local bakery and grocery stores as well as online. You can also make your own one of your favourite items and give a personal touch to it.
  2. Winter accessories like socks, scarves, stoles, ear muffs, woollen caps, mufflers or gloves (for those who live in really cold places) make for a useful gift during these chilly days.
  3. Attractive mugs are available both online and offline. This can be given to both young and old alike. After all who does not want to gulp down hot milk, tea or coffee to keep themselves warm? You can even print a photo on it if you so desire.
  4. A camera is a great gift even if the recipient is not a photographer. With family reunions, parties and trips happening during this time of the year who does not want to click some good photographs and keep it as memory. How about an instant camera? Not only are they quick but also available in such vibrant and pop colours!
  5. Most of us are hooked to our phones. We use it so much since morning that many times by afternoon there is hardly any charge left in them. Here a power bank comes in handy so that you can use your phone all over again. Gift it to your gadget loving friend and see her literally jump in joy.
  6. This is the time for parties, parties and more parties. Party time means make up time. Therefore make up sets make a great gifting option. You can also do up a box containing winter essentials like moisturiser, body lotion, face creams, lip balm, olive or almond oil. Add a spa voucher to the same and I am sure this will be a really nice gift for both females and the beauty conscious males.
  7. We keep buying jewellery, watches and books throughout the year. But we hardly keep them organised. Many times it so happens that we are unable to find them when we actually want to use them. So how about gifting a jewellery box, watch box or a folding book shelf. You can check out varieties of them online. Use their express delivery option so that it reaches before Christmas.
  8. Room heaters are an ideal gifting item during cold winter months particularly for someone living in the northern part of our country. Blankets, hot water bags (electrical or non-electrical) and flasks can also be considered.
  9. Books can be presented to a friend who loves reading. You can team it up with a Christmas book mark. Funky notebooks with pens make an ideal gift for someone who loves to scribble down her thoughts.
  10. Gift vouchers from online shopping sites or offline stores are another option that gives the recipient the liberty to purchase whatever he or she likes. Movie tickets travel deals or tickets where winter carnival is planned in a grand way can be also be given. Such places include Wonderla (Holly Jolly), Ramoji Film City (longest Winter Fest and New Year’s Eve party), Essel World (Christmas Carnival 2017 and Bignite’17) among others.

That’s it, guys! We hope you loved our ideas, and well if you did don’t forget to hit ‘LIKE’ below. Each Like counts!

Here’s wishing everyone out there a very Merry Christmas!!

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