Divides | Poem by Natasha Kurien


Natasha Kurien is a voracious reader, consumed by wanderlust. As a writer, thinker and dreamer, she does fairly well. Find her pondering o’er the mysteries of life as she puts to word all that she sees.



Spaces don’t separate you,

Physical spaces, they don’t,

Distance is only distance,

That forms physical divides.


Real separation,

Exists in the mind,

Which comes about by situations,

Most of the time.


Separation in the mind,

The loss of the will to try,

The feeling of giving up-

That’s separation in its adolescence.


A wide vast ocean of opportunity,

Of people,

Of culture,

Of landscapes, oceans- all so picturesque.


Humans we’re built,

We’re built so strange,

Longing for one thing,

Switching for the next.


It’s hard to fathom,

Exactly what’s worth sticking to,

What’s worth fighting for

What’s worth letting go of.


What’s playing for keeps,

What’s worth the struggle,

What’s worth the effort,

Who knows.


Something you want the most,

One day,

Is gone the next,

Snatched away from you.


Something you want the most,

Is handed out to you,

For you and you alone,

But you take it for granted.


It’s not the starting point,

That’s difficult,

It’s what to do,

Once you’re at the start.


It’s how to get,

To the next start point,

When you have no sense,

Of direction.


Whatever the case,

Effort is not subject,

To right out wrong,

Effort doesn’t go in vain.


Clueless or not,

Happy or not,

You have to try,

And not just that.


Do your best,

No matter what,

Be the best you,

No matter what.


Let the haters,

Just rot being exactly what they are,

But don’t let that stop you,

From blooming.


Rise and shine,

Through all of it,



Don’t rise above everyone else,

No don’t,

But rise above it all-

The struggle, the fights, the needless beatings.


Let all of this,


Part of the journey

Not the end of it.


Let all this be lessons-

Some to learn from,

Some to forget,

And some to remember.


No one pays the price,

Of you quitting,

No matter what the situation,

So don’t you quit.


Don’t you give up,

Don’t you forget,

That you my friend,

Can make it through.


You and me both,

We’re going to make it through,

Sometime in the future,

Maybe we can share our stories.


And I will meet you there,

Somewhere further down the line,

I will meet you there.

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