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“I feel I am a gifted psychic; I have been reading Tarot since many years.” Says an elated Sangeeta, who has won several awards in the field and is also a known face in Graphology and Signature analysis.

       CAPRICORN –  22nd Dec–19th Jan

Career – Indicates tension, frustration or a situation in which one feels trapped and helpless. Problems can multiply. Avoid Business Partnership.

Finance – Time to enjoy fruits of your efforts as it is more than just income coming from a job.  It is about income and wealth coming from property, savings and other investments.

Health – Improvement in health is indicated as past health issues will diminish and you will feel stronger and positive.

Relationship – You will enjoy this period in your personal relationships.

Tarot Tips – It’s time to be accountable for your choice.

       AQUARIUS  – 20th Jan–18th Feb

Career – In spite of being content for what you have achieved, you will look for new growth opportunities. You might also make some major decisions.

Finance – Indicates too many choices, which will involve risk of errors of judgement. Give careful consideration to all options and certainly sleep on big decisions before rushing in.

Health – Be more positive towards life and try and help yourself for any issues relating to health.

Relationship – Temporary Separation is indicated as you may prefer your independence and need space for yourself within a relationship. Not the right time for any action or decisions.

Tarot Tips – Be very careful and alert as some cheating, love triangle or some problem is indicated.

      PISCES  –   19th Feb–20th Mar

Career – New opportunities are indicated which will give you both -money and emotional security.

Finance – This is likely to be a very challenging time as some major changes are indicated. Overseas Travel is also indicated.

Health – Be positive and enjoy good health.

Relationship – Some changes are indicated as some old relations will end and some new better relations will begin. In the long run, this difficult decision will prove to be for the best.

Tarot Tips – Short break or a family holiday will be helpful.

    ARIES –   21st Mar–19th Apr

Career – You will have the ability to complete your work, through confidence with your self-discipline and patience and will enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

Finance – Your efforts will be appreciated and some good news is indicated.

Health – Problems related to health could multiple, don’t ignore any illness and follow your doctor’s advice.

Relationship – There will be a sudden exposure, which will come as a terrible shock, an uncontrollable situation for which you will not be prepared, or you may be falsely accused of something.

Tarot Tips – Time to take financial assistance.

      TAURUS –  20th Apr–20th May

Career – If you are waiting for some new opportunities then your waiting period will get over as some new positive opportunities are indicated.

Finance – Try and get all the facts as someone might give inaccurate information.

Health – Proper guidance will be required for some health issues.Surgery or hospital visits are expected.

Relationship – To get better results in your relationship try using tact, understanding and love than aggression. Try to see things from the viewpoint of others. Avoid force as that will not work for you.

Tarot Tips – Time to be thankful for all the blessings.

     GEMINI – 21st May – 21st Jun

Career – There will be many options and hence it will be difficult for you to choose the right option. So taking some expert advice is advisable.

Finance – Be very careful in taking decisions as some losses are indicated and you might regret your decision.

Health – Be more positive towards life and try and help yourself related to any health issues.

Relationship –  You may need to seek information or advice from a Counselor or some experienced person with regard to problems in the relationship. Marriage is also indicated.

Tarot Tips – Try and consider the influence that material, power and success play in your life.

      CANCER  – 22nd Jun – 22nd  July

Career – Indicates new opportunities in your Professional Career, Job or business.

Finance – Time to celebrate as some good news is indicated in regard to increment or promotion or anything which requires celebration.

Health –Be careful as you or your family members may have Chest, Breathing, cough, cold or Tooth problem.

Relationship – New relationships are indicated in the form of friendship, Partnership, Engagement, Marriage or Pregnancy is indicated.

Tarot Tips – Learning New skills will help in laying firm foundations.

     LEO –  23rd Jul – 22rd Aug

Career – Indicates legal or official situation, something to do with negotiation or discussion. But in the end, you will get justice.

Finance – There will be constant fluctuations with money and hence there is a need to budget better. Loss of income or more of expenses is indicated.

Health – To enjoy good health it’s time to properly plan your medication, diet and exercise.

Relationship – There will be emotional insecurity, lack of love, mental depression. But this will be a temporary situation and thus it is important to realize it will pass.

Tarot Tips – Time to celebrate, accept responsibility and lay a foundation for the future.

      VIRGO –  23rd Aug–22nd  Sept

Career – Be careful as some backstabbing or cheating is indicated.

Finance – You might be going through a low period or dissatisfied with your finances and you might think of some major changes to improve your finances.

Health – Major changes are indicated. New treatment or exercise will be beneficial. Also, change of place or weather will help in improving health.

Relationship – Be faithful to your partner as getting involved in two relations can create mental tension and worries.

Tarot Tips – Don’t give up soon if there are delays or postponement as future success is assured. Let go of your expectations and cultivate patience.

       LIBRA – 23rd Sept–23rd Oct

Career – Focus on one thing at a time, be flexible and do that well. See what you can put down or give to someone else to handle.

Finance – Take logical decisions as you will be accountable for your own decisions.

Health – Time to be careful as you or senior citizens in your family may face some health issues like cough, cold or any chest related issues or toothache.

Relationship – Indicates new positive relationships and security in existing relationship.

Tarot Tips – Time to look for love in all areas of life.

     SCORPIO  – 24th  Oct–21st  Nov

Career – To avoid wrong decisions take opinion from a well-wisher before making any decisions.

Finance – Indicates contentment and some decisions to be made. You may need to seek the help of someone in a position of influence, and that help will be there for you.  It may also be that someone else looks up to you as a means to opening doors for them.

Health – There will be positive results from a new exercise, diet or therapy, but money will be spent on some health issues.

Relationship – Due to negativity in the relationship there will be confusion in making some decisions. Taking advice from an experienced person will be helpful.

Tarot Tips – Try to lighten the workload and practising saying “No” to people

   SAGITARRIUS –  22nd  Nov–21st  Dec

Career – You begin to appreciate what you have now, knowing that difficulties are over.

Finance – Be Positive as delays will be there, but future success is assured.

Health – Time to concentrate and take some steps for the betterment of health.

Relationship – Be careful as a love triangle, disappointment or cheating is indicated in your relationship.

Tarot Tips – Bury the past and enter a new life.


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