Have all of India’s authentic preparations at this restaurant in Juhu | +91 Juhu Review

Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese – we’ve been treating ourselves to cuisines across the globe for years now. But can you recall the last time you feasted on some ‘authentic’ Indian food?

This restaurant in Juhu is a modest attempt to remind you of for some ghar ka khaana. No fusion or modifications. Strictly authentic Indian food.

Plus 91, Juhu is located on the bend of a cosy lane at J.V.P.D. Centrally located? Tick.


As soon as you enter, you can’t help but notice the walls with quirky Indian decor pieces thrown around. Every time you look up, you notice something new. For instance –



All the tables well lit, plenty of staff to take care of you and scattered tables for privacy!

Cocktails –

Jambhul Karvanda Martini

What happens when you bring together generous portions of Vengurla’s Bengal Currant (Karvanda) and Plum Java (Jambhul) and Gin? It creates a storm! What I liked was that instead of using can juice, they prepared a thick pulp so with each sip, you could actually feel the texture of fruits.

Martini in Benaras

You guys know I am not really a fan of Paan. But this fusion of Vodka & Benarasi Paan is a match made in heaven. You should definitely try it here if you are a Paan fan (or even if you aren’t).

Andhra Whisky Sour

So here’s how it goes. You read the cocktail’s description in the Menu, find it amusing, order it. First sip – *Slurp, erk what was that?* Next sip – *It’s not that bad* And then the addiction kicks in. You want to have it over and over.

This cocktail marries Andhra’s chilled Tamarind Rasam with whisky.

Mocktails –

Mango Masala Mojito

A sip of this Mojito and you feel the tinge of a Kaccha Aam toffee.

Kaccha Aam Slush

Slushes have always been special. Probably they are the only ones that do justice to Mumbai’s scorching heat. This one was no exception. One of their signature mocktails, it is a perfect summer drink to calm your nerves!

Soup –

Yakhni Paya Shorba

Judge me all you want but I never knew a lamb broth could turn out to be one of my favourite soups!  This slow cooked broth served with crispy lavash and fried onion was the showstopper for me. Intense flavours and juicy lamb chunks!

Munnar Ka Masala Asparagus

Again a beautiful soup made with Asparagus and select Kerala spices. Creamy and cheesy! Served with peri peri croutons.

Nibble –

Edamame & Ru-Ta-Lu Tokri Chaat

What happens when you give your chaat a healthy twist and it turns out to be tasty? This is one such dish. Bits of sweet potato, green soya beans and pomegranate tossed in chutneys and hung curd, served in an edible tokri.

Starters –

Saffron & Suran Gulaouti

Yep, I am just like you. Barely eat Suran (Yam) at home and won’t ever order it when out. Or maybe I would if I come to Plus 91 again. The Saffron & Suran Gulaouti just melt in your mouth and trust me you can never guess it has yam in it.

Baby Lamb Gulaouti

Apparently, they mince the lamb over 18 times. Not surprising as you can feel the smooth texture of the kebab with each bite.

Amritsari Fish Tikka

The Amritsari Fish Tikka we had here was a blast of strong flavours. Opposites attract we know, but when delicate fish meets robust spices, it creates a storm! I noticed how they used whole spices instead of pounding them.

Tulsi Lifafa Paneer

Tantrum Alert – Not a fan of pesto.

But Plus 91 Juhu made me fall in love with this Uttarakhand delicacy! Loved how the basil pesto marination was just perfectly moist and yet cooked well.

Peeli Mirch Paneer Tikka

Aren’t we all just tired of having Paneer Tikka/ Crispy etc. all the time? The Peeli Mirch Paneer Tikka is refreshing change you’d want to try! Marinated with Lucknow’s Yellow chilly this dish is an as easy favourite for us. What appears to be sweet in the first bite, turns out spicier towards the end.

Patra Ni Machchi

The Patra Ni Machchi here is straight out of a Parsi household! Beautiful green chutney marination braised in banana leaf, loved each bite.

Main Course –

Clockwise – Rajasthani Lal Maas, Langar wali Kaali Dal & Rosemary and Olive Naan

Rajasthani Lal Maas – Tender mutton chunks seared in a creamy Rajasthani lamb gravy.

Langar Wali Dal – A superhit! Black lentils smothered in butter, turned out to be so creamy that I had a bowl without any roti or rice. Trust me I am not even exaggerating here.

Rosemary and Olive Naan – Fancy Naan that tastes just as beautiful as it looks. Went perfectly with our main course.

Desserts –


Gajar Halwa Modak


Wondering what you just read? Well, it’s basically Gajar Halwa mousse with plenty of cardamom and pistachios.

Note – It’s not heavy on the sweetness so any diabetic can relish it as well.


Motichoor & Sitafal Rabdi Parfait


The meek dish you see above houses 5 sweet elements – a total contrast to our previous dessert. When you can’t decide between a Rabdi & Motichoor you go for this one. Creamy Sitafal Rabdi with a Motichoor you’ll have to dig in for and a bed of pistachios all over. Not a one man’s thing trust me!

Overalls –

Plus 91 is a fine dine restaurant but…

  • The place is quite well lit.
  • But unlike others, the music here was peppy and vibrant.
  • There are no Chinese/ Thai or any preparations except authentic Indian food from different corners of the country.
  • Each dish is referred to by its Indian names. For instance – Patra Ni Machchi, Gajar Halwa Modak etc.

Why should you visit Plus 91 Juhu?

  • If you are truly fond of Indian food in an elaborate setting.
  • Plenty of staff to take care of you.
  • Each preparation is prepared meticulously and with lots of love.

On my next visit –

We hear the Biryanis here are delicious, so shall give them a try. Also the Ginnu Gulabo Cheese Cake.

For repeats, I’d order the Yakhni Paya, Edamame & Ru-Ta-Lu Tokri Chaat, Peeli Mirch Paneer Tikka & lastly theLangar wali Kaali Dal.

That’s it for now !

Lots of love,Leena S.

















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