Omlettes to Chaat, Banana Foster to Pasta, this Sunday brunch will satiate all your taste buds!

Sunday brunches have a unique charm of their own.

No rush, no worries, no deadlines – all you do is eat at your own pace in the company of your beloved ones!

I was invited to one such Sunday Brunch by Kohinoor Continental’s Solitaire Restaurant. Here’s a peek into what they had in store for me –

For starters, the restaurant is a sprawling space that exudes the vibes of a conventional fine dine. Think good music, wall to wall carpeting, polished cushions, sparkling spotlights? Yeah, we are on the same page.



We got comfortable in one of their corner tables from where we could hear the live performance and yet continue to savour our meal.

The server, Mr. Somnath looked at our weary faces and guessed we needed a drink before the deluge of starters. And so he served us some heavenly Litchy Chilly –


Frankly, we couldn’t have asked for a better start than this one!

Uber refreshing & chilled spot on.

We settled a bit and then called for the Minestrone Soup –


Lukewarm & mild, I believe the flavours could have been a little more intense.

Next, we had the starters rolling in. We had everything right from Paneer Tikka to Lamb Pattice to Falafel. My favourite though was –

Fish sauteed in Salt & Pepper

It was now time to move towards the main course and boy, their spread was overwhelming !

We had different loaves of bread to choose from, salads & dressings to pick from and stuff it in our little tummies!

Oh also, they served 4 varieties of infused waters! Cheers to that!





After spending a good 10 mins evaluating what I wanted to have, I settled for these –

Solitaire restaurant

Now here’s the thing about buffets. As much as you’d love, you can’t have it all! You have to let go some of it. Which I did 😦 Thanks to the appetising starters and the tempting desserts that lay ahead of me, my main course went for a toss!


But, but, but I have taken notes for you!

Main course for Solitaire is a huge affair I can tell you. They’ve taken special care to include something for all taste buds in their spread. So you won’t be surprised to see Paneer Thai Curry besides Fish in Caper Sauce, or Singapur Noodles along with Mutton Biryani !

Moving on, they have live counters for Omelettes, Pasta, Appam, Chaat etc.



Next up, we walked towards the dessert section. I’m not kidding when I say they have more than 20 types of desserts ! Donuts, Cakes, Muffins, Lapsi, Gulab Jamun, Tiramisu etc. !

Here’s a glimpse –





Here are my picks from the lot –


Banana Foster in process

We’re done. Or so we thought. But Somnath had some other plans.

He presented us with one of his signature mocktails just when we were about to leave. Presenting the Shahi Punch –


Packed with the goodness of dry fruits, Rabdi & Gulkhand, this was the “I-can’t-take-it-anymore” moment for us! But 100 % marks on the presentation & another 100 % marks for the taste. Not really a Gulkhand fan myself but the flavour was just perfect and not overpowering.


Overall, I found restaurant appealing in terms of the location (Very near the International Airport, Mumbai & Metro) and the grand ambience that Kohinoor Continental offers. With respect to the Solitaire Restaurant, what I liked was that one could sit and savour his meal for hours long as the brunch hours are quite stretched (12-4pm). Also, we were seated near the live performance and yet it didn’t disturb our conversations.

Coming to the food bit, most of their delicacies suit the diet conscious pallets. Barely any items are oily or spicy over the top. It is also quite evident that they have taken special care to incorporate something for all taste buds.


Lots of love,Leena S.
















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