Reduced my shampoo usage for 8 weeks & here are the results – The No Poo Treatment (Part 1)

Hey there!

Ever wondered how people must be washing their hair before shampoos were invented? Surely, they weren’t hippies who walked around in greasy manes!

It’s been a while since I wrote a long, detailed beauty post. Or probably not, if you’ve read the Infographic – 14 Beauty Hacks you can adopt in your daily life. Do give it a read after this post.

Coming back to this post, I read about the ‘No Poo Treatment Method‘ a couple of months ago and after doing all the “Eeee” & “Yuck”, it did hit a chord somewhere. Let me begin by telling you,

What is the No Poo Treatment all about?

‘No poo’ means ‘No Shampoo’ in the simplest terms.

It means using simple, natural substitutes like Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar instead of commercial shampoos and conditioners.

Already making faces?

Too early to judge! Here are some stats that may shock you-

The No Poo No Shampoo Method Experiment Treatment

The logic behind the treatment –

We wash our hair to clean our scalp of all the grime and dirt that would have accumulated over time. Sure, the shampoo does the job pretty well. But at the cost of ripping off all your essential oils as well.

Dermatologists claim the regular use of shampoo eventually leads to a reduction in production of oils on our hair strands thereby leaving them lifeless.

This is where the No Poo Treatment steps in.

The No Poo Treatment propagates ditching the shampoo altogether for its natural counterparts or plain water. This eliminates usage of any kind of chemical on your hair completely. Hello, natural oils !

GEEK ALERT: This natural oil, called Sebum, keeps your hair healthy and makes them look conditioned. Every time you shampoo, it is this oil, which you cleanse. However, with the No Poo Method, you let it condition your hair naturally without washing off the sebum.

The No Poo No Shampoo Method Experiment Treatment

Natural alternatives & process –

Start with brushing your hair thoroughly before your hair bath (Not 100 strokes though). Also, don’t forget to wash your brush regularly.

Say Hi to your new shampoo – A gooey mixture of Baking Soda and water in 1:5 proportion. Rub it hard on your scalp. If you are struggling with dandruff problems, you can try using Methi (fenugreek), neem, Coconut Oil, lemon juice etc.

For your conditioner, use Apple Cider Vinegar as the last rinse.

If you are using any of these remedies, restrict them to only once a week.

Alternatively, if you have a habit of taking a hair bath every day, use plain water and massage your hair in the shower.

My experiment with the No Poo Treatment –

Intrigued by the stories of women actually trying the No Poo treatment, I went ahead. What could be the maximum harm caused, I thought.

This is the Part 1 in the series and hence I am just going to talk about how I have started adapting to the whole method and its results.

So for starters, I couldn’t frankly imagine ditching the shampoo altogether. Come on, we stay in Mumbai which is synonymous to humidity. So for starters, I have drastically decreased my usage of shampoo. Earlier I used to shampoo my hair once in 5 days (Yes, I am that lazy) but now I let it grease and then wash when it’s unbearable roughly around 8 days.

My plan is to bring it to around 10-11 days and then start using the Baking Soda shampoo.

Results of my experiment –

I don’t suffer from dandruff particularly and so didn’t use any of the remedies mentioned above nor anti-dandruff shampoo. During the last 2 months, I haven’t seen any dandruff in spite of decreasing my shampoo usage.

During the initial days, your hair will feel really greasy which could potentially turn you off. But remember, this is a long term thing. It’ll need some commitment (and ignorance) so try to ignore the initial greasiness.

I have had wavy hair all my teen years so I did have a soft corner for straight hair. All the greasiness and combing gradually straightened my locks which used to become frizzy after hair baths.

And I know you’ve been waiting for this one. It doesn’t smell. It doesn’t itch. Nah, not even a bit.

Final thoughts –

Yes, it’s too early to comment if The No Poo Treatment works for me because technically I still haven’t even started it. Nevertheless, I’ll keep you guys posted about it in the consequent parts.

For now, I know that my hair looks healthy as compared to the lifeless hair I had earlier. It is greasy, I won’t lie, and it’s also difficult to resist washing it off regularly, but I am sure the wait is worth.

So what are your thoughts about the No Poo? Tell me in the comments if you’ll try it. If you’ve already tried, even better. I’ll know what am I supposed to/ not to do.

While it may not lure you in the first stint, don’t knock “no poo” before giving it a shot.

4 thoughts on “Reduced my shampoo usage for 8 weeks & here are the results – The No Poo Treatment (Part 1)

  1. Good to know that you started to try the old Indian culture for the betterment of hair!


    1. Thanks. I agree. We have a lot to learn from the Indian traditions than blindly follow the west.


  2. a very well written article. You made me think about trying this treatment too.


    1. Thanks! You should definitely give it a try ! 😊


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