This quaint cafe on the by-lanes of Bandra serves Deep Fried Oreos | Bistro at Coffee Break Review

Blame it on the rains or my mood swings, all I crave for these days is a little tiny place where I can spend hours sipping on my coffee and work. Gone are the days where going out for a meal meant Zomato-ing a Fine Dine!

Meet Bistro at Coffee Break. This place is tiny. This place is cute. And this place serves Deep Fried Oreos.

Come to Bistro at Coffee Break.

Location – Bandstand.

While Bandra West is dotted with innumerable food joints and cafes sprouting in ever nook and corner, this Bistro prides in a different feel of its own.

Ambiance of Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

Seating at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

He & I had to choose between an indoor AC seating and the outdoor one. Well, of course outdoors won hands down. When else do you prefer to sit outdoors in Mumbai than during the rains?

On the table comes a tall glass of Brownie Shake.

Brownie shake at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

Creamy, frothy and full of chunks of brownie.

Chicken Cheesy Canapes at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

What do you crave for in the rains?

Spicy? Comfort food? I’ll give you that. And I’ll top it up with some Cheese & Chicken.

Sounds like a jodi made in heaven? Then you are in for a surprise!

We tried Cheesy Chicken Canapes at the Bistro and boy, it was finger licking good! One of our favourites for the evening, it had spicy peppery chicken bathed in white sauce and resembled bruschetta.

Generous chicken & cheese? We like !

Pizza at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

Next, we had Barbeque Chicken Pizza of which we thought the topping was good but the thin base did no justice.

Hang on, we have another favourite coming –

Adobo Tacos at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

We were given a choice between a hard shell or a soft one and we went for the softer one. On the table, Adobo Grilled Chicken enters.

The exquisite presentation served along with nachos and an in-house dip, these tacos leave you asking for more. Loved the freshness of lettuce and spiced chicken with a dollop of sour cream.

Think we were done with our quota of chicken for the day? No ! We ask for Chicken Popcorn just then.


Popcorn Chicken at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West


P.s. This is a half portion so don’t judge.

What if I tell you these tasted much (Read really much) better than the Popcorn chicken we get at KFCs? I’ll tell you why.

When I have any kind of fried chicken, I like to have the actual taste of chicken than just the fried crust. If you are like me, I’m sure you’ll appreciate his any day.

He finally gave in. The chicken was done and dusted. Haash, so now finally do I get to order my fish? with a grin on his face, he gives in.

Next on the table, Tuna Melt Sandwich.

Tuna Sandwich at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

If you love your Tuna all moist and a crunchy bread to go along, this is a must! As you dig in each bite brings out flavours of the Tuna, Chipotle & Cheddar.

Then came in the show stopper. I know this is the very reason you clicked through this post – Deep Fried Oreos.

Deep fried oreos at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

One tip when you order this – Make sure you are fasting for 24 hours before you have it. No not for the sugar bit, but because this dish is extremely heavy on the stomach.

Trust me you don’t want to fall for its modest size.

Deep Fried Oreos is just what it claims.

Deep fried oreos at Cafe Bistro at Coffee Break, Bandra West

Fried chocolate Oreos topped with condensed milk. Trust me if you come here, you have to reserve a place in your stomach for this. This place doesn’t have plenty of sweet offerings but with this one item in the menu, we are sorted.

FoP Rate Card

Veg/Non Veg – Both (Non Veg rejoice)

Price points – 8/10

Ambience – 7/10

Service- 7/10

Price/Quantity- Quite reasonable given the portions

Ideal for – Big groups of friends

On my next visit – Re-order Deep fried oreos & wish to try their Nachos

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