Attra’s Holiday and Camping Farms | Property Review

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There are times when all you want to do is pack your bags and escape the city’s mad rush with absolutely no plan in hand. And surprisingly, impulsive trips like these turn out to be the most memorable trips of our lives. No fussy detailing, no reference maps and most importantly no scheduled itineraries.

Last weekend I packed my bags for one such staycation at the Attras Holiday and Camping Farms, Karjat.

Unlike the bustling hill stations surrounding Karjat, it remains a humble spot where one can sit back and enjoy the rains to the heart’s full will.

Secluded from the hustle of the city, Attra’s Farms is nestled amidst over 400 mango trees and proves to be a the perfect monsoon weekend getaway !

The soft, chivalrous staff that greets you on your arrival makes you a part of their close knit family, soon with their anecdotes and yarns.

It is an extensive 12 acre property located right behind the Morbe Dam alongside scenic valleys, facing peaks of Matheran and Rajmachi. Attra’s embraces nature with both its hands evident from the myriad shades of greens and blues all over.

Take a dip in the no-chlorine swimming pool, curl on the cot and read that book you’ve been longing for, try your hand at riffle shooting, ride a horse, play cricket or tennis or simply trek down the neighboring hills. If days here seem to be loaded, Attras spoils you to an unforgettable tick with crackling bonfire and barbeques that light up chilly nights after a long trek.

Attra’s is ideal for large groups of 25 and more. The bungalows – Venus & Mercury are more than spacious and can accommodate plenty of people. The best part is that Attras is completely open to bringing in as many people as you want and cooking your own food in their kitchenette, bringing it from outside or even asking their in-house chefs to cook a homely meal for you.

If you positively wish to surrender yourself to the nature, Attra’s also provides you with Tent accommodation facing the enchanting valleys.

The huge manicured lawns across this sprawling property make it a perfect choice for team building expeditions or off-site trainings or even destination weddings.

Rippling brooks, magnificent mountains, panoramic views are just some traits that make Attra’s a serene hideout!

Website –

Contact – Miten: 8879772251

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