Unboxing my gift from IGP.COM


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Gifts ! Presents ! Giveaways !

These words arouse different emotions – the happy ones, the ones that bring back the child in us. I’m sure how much ever you may try to adult in life, if someone gifts you a chocolate just worth Rs.10, you’ll gleam at it’s sight!

Probably, this is why we Indians celebrate different festivals? Maybe.

Right from Raksha Bandhan to Bhaiduj, we love spoiling our loved ones to gifts. These gifts need not carry a price tag but a simple bouquet of flowers goes a long way! It is the way we define our relationships.

A couple of days ago, I collaborated with India’s first & largest gifting portal – igp.com  for celebrating Mother’s Day. I got a chance to order whatever I wanted for my mother and so did one of my Social followers. (Yes, we hosted our very second giveaway and received a whopping 380 entries)

I ordered a tan brown bag that spells classy, is roomy & perfect on the go. If you’ve not checked the video. here you go – https://www.igp.com/p-tan-fashion-handbag-with-a-detachable-clutch-24363

What I found the best thing about IGP is that it spoils you with choice! You have plenty of permutations to choose from – right from your relationship with the recipient to whether you are looking at personalized gifts (https://www.igp.com/personalized-gifts)

The best thing about this gifting portal is that when you have a near one’s birthday, who stays in the other corner of country or for that matter even out of India, you can still order online. They offer free shipping to USA (My US readers, thank me later 🙂 Also, as a matter of fact they deliver to over 300 cities on ‘Same Day delivery basis’ ! Best for the times when you forget it’s your friend’s birthday and yet get to gift him before midnight, right?

Another noteworthy feature of IGP.COM is that they have a complete section on religious gifts, which is really rare, especially in the online space. I’m sure they’ve meticulously drafted their ‘Gift my Personality’ collection wherein you can shop for a friend who is Fashionable, a Homemaker or even Classy.

While some people complain that Mother’s Day or Father’s Day are just marketing gimmicks, I like to take these opportunities to take time out and make them feel special.

I consider gifting as a power move in itself. You smile & show gratitude for a loved one. You surrender your happiness in his hands as your face lights up with an infectious smile and together you share a moment of happiness. It’s time for you to start gifting to your loved one, without any occasion, without any reason and without any expectation.




3 thoughts on “Unboxing my gift from IGP.COM

  1. I agree with your review. IGP.com is indeed one of the best gift shopping websites I have come across.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it indeed is, Felecia. 🙂


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