Discover Soma Vineyards, discover yourself. 


Surely, Google has lost here!

Today vineyards around Mumbai have become synonymous with opulence. Ditch a long pending domestic trip for a stretched weekend at one of the vineyards in Nashik. Thank us later!

We were recently invited for a FAM trip at the virgin property – Soma Vineyards and it was my second time there. Read about my first visit to Nashik here.

In comparison to its commercialised counterparts, Soma Vineyards offers an exquisite experience as a whole than just a stay. Trust me, when all your eyes meet is vineyards till the end of horizon, you just cannot let go of your breath. If you eat, sleep, dream a lavish retreat, you can’t miss this overwhelming experience at least once in your life. Remember to Untourist yourself, once in a while.

Whether you dine at their restaurant Shamiana or stay at one of their luxurious villas, all your eyes gorge on is at the backdrop of miles of vineyards, intersected by the backwaters, punctuated by clouds in umpteen number of shades of blues and crimson reds !

For a fine experience, stay at one of their contemporary villas (they offer 3/7 bhk villas), take a dip in their infinity pools or a wine tour with one of their sommeliers, or just watch the sun set amidst the distant hills lounging on the manicured greens and watch yourself immerse in the air of tranquility.

Soma takes special care to make its guests feel alive and enjoy the countryside. Before you know it, Soma Vineyards traps you in its romance.

Experience Soma. Smell the fragrant grapevines as they bloom. Tune in to different blends of wine. Soak up the sun. Marvel at the myriad shades of skies. Discover a destination. Discover Nashik. Discover Soma.

Documenting my stay at the Soma Vineyards, would love your kind feedback !

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