If you’ve been searching for an Offbeat Wedding Location all your life, this is the place to check out!

After some heart warming love stories both Desi & Firangi, after hearing some evergreen Tips for your Wedding Photographers, after some outfit inspirations for both your hubby & your dog, we’ve finally reached the Offbeat Wedding Location we have in store for you.

Are you one of those who keeps on saying –

“Yaar, I want to get married where no one would have ever imagined.”

“Scouting for an offbeat Wedding Location.. Some decades later.. Still scouting for an offbeat location”

Your friends have been waiting when would you finally announce your venue, but you are yourself clueless!

This post in as answer to all your qualms.


Enter Rustic Holidays.

Situated in the greens on Kokan, this place is more than a much needed digital detox! It is a heritage eco-resort, popularly known as Mamacha Gav, set in a cozy little place called Tural in Ratnagiri District of Konkan.



That magical fresh breeze of air, clear blue skies and air of Konkan is anything but alluring!

Rustic Holidays accommodates about 200 people in the campus consisting of 5 ECO cottages and common accommodation facilities including the 200 Years old heritage wada ( ancestral house of the Host Karkare family) and huge halls with modern Toilet facilities.








Rustic with their interiors given Terracotta tiled roof, adobe and geru walls, red painted wooden posts and ranch style architecture set this intimate countryside wedding venue apart from any other venues. Treat yourself to authentic Maharashtrian menu or a menu of to match your taste buds.

Ditch our traditional Sangeet ceremonies for Music & Dance sessions by the Bonfire.

The Karkares’ boast of successfully conducting over 5 weddings and 4 Munj (thread ceremonies) in this space!



Rustic Holidays gives you a chance to celebrate the most memorable day of your life with an experience of a lifetime. Are you for it already?


3 thoughts on “If you’ve been searching for an Offbeat Wedding Location all your life, this is the place to check out!

  1. Great blend of tradition & modern facilities.👍

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