9 times Bianca Louzado gave us some serious Wedding makeup inspirations!

When we were out scouting for someone who could prove to be a Makeup geek for our My Big Fab Indian Wedding series, we came across Bianca Louzado; and boy our search ended in moments !

Bianca has a way with her brushes that no one can ever ape. Here’s raising a toast to the 9 times Bianca gave us some serious Makeup Inspirati.

    1. When she taught us that Red is the ultimate color of love, weddings & passion.


      2. When she took ‘ Let your hair down’ too seriously and we loved her for it !


3. Because.. mascara.. !


4. Yes Bianca was the MUA for Sania Mirza’s sister wedding and we loved the way she highlighted those cheeks. Au natural.. !


5. Going low on makeup ( even if you are the bride) if your outfit is it too OTT


6. Redefining the mainstream sindoor wedding pic with her flawless strokes and that kohl filled eyes !


7. One of our favorite looks from Bianca’s works. Messy hair just got revamped with a messy braid illusion. And yeah, that bold fluorescent lip shade there?


8. Because simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and who knows that better than Louzado!


That’s it for now guys !

Comment below and tell us which is your favorite look among the 9 !

If you know someone getting married in 2017, do share this post with them over Facebook or Twitter. Until next time !

1 thought on “9 times Bianca Louzado gave us some serious Wedding makeup inspirations!

  1. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!


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