If intercaste is too mainstream for you, you need to check this couple’s love story !

After the grand success of our previous Love tale of Vishal & Grishma, we are back with another unique love story and this time, a cross-border one !

In chat with Gwenda & Naveen –

  1. Your First impression about each other?
Gwenda – We met at a party and I was impressed by his knowledge and his travels.
Naveen – Her infectious smile, love for music and flair for languages did it for me
  1. First moment when you realised you are in love?
Gwenda – He took me out on a date: we enjoyed Moroccan Mint Tea and had such deep conversations.
Naveen – Although she was scared of motorbike rides, she decided to jump on a motorbike with me while we weaved through Bangalore traffic on our first bike ride together.
  1. First thoughts about getting married?
Gwenda & Naveen together – We had a bike accident on Naveen’s birthday. It was one of these Bollywood moments – it was raining, we were lying on the streets, a crowd gathered around us. In that moment, we knew it!
  1. What is your definition of spending quality time together?
Gwenda – Exploring and learning new things together, discussing our businesses, doing nothing together.
Naveen – Travelling, watching movies together, and our inspiring discussions about politics, God and everything else.
  1. How has the journey from strangers to friends to life partners been like?
Gwenda – Everyday, we grow deeper and deeper in love. I don’t even remember the time when we were strangers.
Naveen – The Geek in me likens the journey to Quantum hops – from strangers to friends to life partners : )
Our verdict – We selected 2 stories from a plenty of entries because both these stories restored our faith in love, a smile across our face ( & goosebumps ofcourse) !
Let us know what you feel about our love stories. Does love really not see boundaries?
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