Wedding outfit ideas for the four-legged​ pooch you’ve been ignoring all this while!

Bride’s wedding trousseau? Check!

Groom’s footwear? Check!

Pummy aunty’s green anarkali? Check!

Maasi ki chachi ki beti ka bhatija’s pokemon wrist watch? Check!

Yes weddings, especially Indian Weddings are an elaborate affair! And if not planned meticulously, and mind you, meticulous here means nano-detailing, invisible from the highest level of zoomed lenses, can turn disastrous and a gossip topic for the next decade!

Sure you’ve planned everything but…. you’ve forgotten that poor fellow who has been with you long before that prince charming came in your life, the one who is witness to your entire love story & is as sad as your family to see you depart!

Yes we are talking about the four legged pooches!

If you think he’s a part of your family, make sure he looks his best on your big day, because just like others, it’s a big day for him too!

Bringing you 5 outfit ideas for your dog on your wedding day –

  1. For her who likes all pink !


For her who doesn’t like much fuss about her looks and keeps it neat, tie up her fringes in a cute bow. Simple & oh so cute no?

2. For her who likes things OTT !

images.jpg Take all of her locks into a cute clip with comb ends. She’ll feel like just a part of you.

3. For him who likes simplicity !


We know how fizzy our dogs can get. For a messy dog, just tie a bow around his neck and we are sure he’ll look at his dapper best!

4. For the one who’s handsome !

The big fab weddings !.jpg

Aah ! This one’s a personal favourite! We love how this pup likes dressing up just like the bride or groom! So adorable!

Use a baby’s satin shirt so it doesn’t irritate his skin.

5. For those little occasions –

As a bonus for reading this article, here’s how you can spruce up your pet’s look for the Mehendi/ Sangeet.

That’s it for now guys! Share on Facebook/ Twitter & tag your bestie who loves her pet! Also tell me which is your favorite look amongst the 5!

3 thoughts on “Wedding outfit ideas for the four-legged​ pooch you’ve been ignoring all this while!

  1. Really been ignoring… thanks for the well-curated post 🙂


    1. Hey Crimson, thanks for your kind words. Glad you found it useful ! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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