16 Wedding Photographers on our radar !

We don’t have to tell you how important are photographs in a weddings. We all want to cover those tiny moments, those glimpses that go unnoticed in the lenses. We’ve shortlisted few of the best Wedding Photographers across the country & here they are –

  1. Anupa Shah

A glance through Anupa Shah’s Facebook Page and you know Anupa loves capturing the couple’s intimate moments. Those moments where no one is gonna remind you to look at the camera and say “Smile please”.

2. Nivedita Ghosh

Nivedita Ghosh’s Photography is varied – She has a mix of candids, a dash of poses, some ambience pics ! So if you wish to capture your moves as well as your wedding decor, Nivedita is the one you need to approach right away!

3. Best Wedding Stories

Photography is all about creativity. We couldn’t have agreed more after checking out Best Wedding Stories. The way she celebrates a couple’s togetherness or the way she works around with our daily locales e.g. railway station, basketball court as a backdrop, make us fall in love!

4. Tell-a-Tale Studios

Tell-a-Tale loves people! Isn’t that what we look for in our wedding albums? What’s more? These guys are very much into Food & Product photography as well! Bonus right?

5. LenSight

If clean, contrast photographs are your style you’ve got to check out LenSight. The way they play bold with colours, adds an instant appealing factor to their photographs. They are very much into Lifestyle Photography as well.

6. YV photography


Yogesh Variava’s YV Photography aims to capture those little moments that are often missed; the bride’s laughter, the parents’ emotions, the family’s excitement, among the other moments that make up your most special day. He also shoots for portfolios & editorials.

7. RX Memories

Personally been a witness to Ameya’s RX Memories! He’s a one man army – planner, photographer, editor, doctor what not! RX Memories plays with grayscales & filters and delivers utter excellence! His keen eye sees what most of us would easily miss.

8. iPic Frames

A page that makes you smile instantly? I’d vote for this one without any second thoughts ! Tonnes of smiling faces captured on these lenses!

9. Anamika Singh – The memory keeper

Years later when we’ll browse through our wedding albums, we’ll want to see what we looked like, what our near dear ones looked like; we’d want to relive our memories and Anamika Singh does exactly the same!

10. A Knotty Tale

A riot of colours, a chaos of smiles – you get them all in the laps of A Knotty Tale. She knows her colours & lighting so well, you’ll not have to worry a tad bit!

11. Filmy Weddings

Tell me about someone who doesn’t like Filmy Bollywood masala weddings? You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape Filmy WeddingsFilmy Weddings !

12. Once Upon A Time – Wedding Tales

Enough said about the filters & colours if you wish to print the entire vibe of your wedding, head to the page of Once Upon A Time – Wedding tales. A glance through their page speaks volumes about their eyes that search for fluidity in photos!

13. Jodi Clickers

Jodi Clickers stands true to its name. They indeed love their subject i.e. their jodis. They understand how important it is to capture people’s emotions without asking them to smile for the camera.

14. Yudi Shot It

A photographer who is ready to share his unedited photographs with the world. Would you dare to do that? Well, Yudi Shot It does that often! Sharing glimpses of behind the scenes.

15. Iconic Clicks

We admire Iconic Clicks quirky clicks! Of what we saw, they love landscapes and quite do justice to it as well!

16. Vrutika Doshi Photography

Vrutika Doshi loves faces – babies, oldies, friends everyone! She has her own set of angles so don’t be surprised if while dancing, she goes behind the stage to get that one perfect photograph !

That’s it, for now, guys! We’ve compiled 16 of the best Wedding photographers we could browse through! Hope it makes your selection easier!






7 thoughts on “16 Wedding Photographers on our radar !

  1. This was such a nice surprise! thank you for the feature 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s indeed a great pleasure, Anupa ! 🙂


  2. Right from capturing a traditional wedding to a super masala bollywood wedding through the magical lenses … you got some fabulous “Behind the lens Heros/Heroines” captured in your blog… great job @fashionokplease ..

    Snowflakes..!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww! Thank you so much!!
      Yeah those snowflakes are indeed ❤ !


  3. Thank you so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Ameya! I’m so happy you liked it! 🙂


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