Restaurant Review – Cafe Mojo

The Weekend’s right here ! You are in party mood & so are we. So we thought why not we take a mini wedding-cation & talk something different today. Got a chance to attend the pre-launch party of Cafe Mojo and sharing a review with you all.

Hope you enjoy the ride !

It’s a typical frown-y Friday.  Tough deadlines to meet, a dinner plan lined up with friends & here you are stuck in your office in Andheri !

You had to meet your friends at 9.30pm sharp but its half past 10 & your boss shows no signs of mercy. It’s the third time you are compelled to cancel your plan with friends in a  month’s time!

Sounds familiar?

If you answered in affirmation, well here’s some good news for you!

Cafe Mojo that rests in the Goldfinch Hotel, Andheri boasts of being one of the few pubs in India that has it doors open till 3.30 am !


The pre-launch party was scheduled at 7.30pm but we turned up by 8ish only to find the AC section packed !

As you enter the premises, you just can’t miss the huge sprawling plush bar! We were forced to sit at the bar counter, later only to find out that the cafe has over 3 sections – The AC section facing the bar & a huge screen, an outdoor section that has a very lounge-y effect given the pread out tables & an upper deck for hookah.


The food across menu screams comfort food, thus lending the cafe touch to the pub urf lounge!

A little chat with Chris, the bartender and you know you don’t have to worry about getting yourself a wrong cocktail. No second call required here & his confidence is quite assuring, to say the least. Even the other bartenders were quite approachable. We started with the Mojo Double Trouble, which don’t worry wasn’t any trouble 😛 Ample of mint, cucumber & a cinnamon stick.


Next, we licked some Thai Fried Fish Cubes till the platter didn’t show any traces! They were delicious to the core, extremely tender but oily on the the issue and on the fingers.

Later, we gorged on the C3 Balls – Blend of Chilly, cheese & corn. Spice on point, cheese could have been a little more (who wants dry cheese balls after all?) & crushed corn. It was a decent starter and unlike other starters where you don’t really feel fed, this one is quite heavy on the stomach.

For mains, we called for Paneer Tikka pizza which I found incredible & I’ll tell you why. I’m a pizza bae & any pizza for me comes with an uncalled protocol to sprinkle some (read lots) of Oregano & Chilly flakes. But this was the first time I had a virgin pizza – literally no bits of any of those peripherals & it was divine ! Extremely Indianized and lip smacking. Even the cheese moistness couldn’t have been better.


Then we had a quick talk with Abhay, who told us how Cafe Mojo is India’s first e-bar.

With e-Brew, you can pour your own chilled beer straight from taps fitted at your table. And you pay by the ml instead of traditional ‘by the glass’ method!


Next, we called in for a Veg Platter – Cauliflower, babycorn & cottage cheese. The marination was good though they could have been charred better. Delicious chutney though!

Dessert time !

Called in for waffles but they had exhausted ! 😦

Went with blueberry which was uber delicious. Gooey, soft & delight !

We also called in for Choco Lava, which was tad hot and not really flowing with chocolate. But, the taste was yum ! It had a very homely feeling to itself and that made us forget how our regular Chocolate Lava is.


Overalls –


The ambience & seating arrangement of the place suits couples as well as friends.

Friendly staff & a young dynamic manager who makes sure you are extremely comfortable.

Strategic location & flexible timings.

Frequent fills by hookah waiters.

Food had to be ordered repeatedly but that seems to be a problem only when the cafe is super packed.

Spread out outdoor seating  so you don’t feel all cramped up.

Quantity of food suffices 3.

On my next visit –

  1. Beer battered prawns
  2. Waffles


What do u think?

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