9 questions you need to ask your Wedding Photographer now than regret later

Hey Guys!

Back with another post as promised in less than 48 hours of
our previous one! The title is quiet clear in itself but we would
still like to say we are talking about mandatory pointers you need to
clarify with your Wedding Photographer before hand ! And no, these are
not silly points like “Are you free on my wedding dates?” or “Are
there any hidden costs?” but some real points we feel, may slip out of
your mind !


1. What is your style of Wedding Photography?

Sure, you may have stalked your Wedding Photographer’s Facebook page in and out. But, as a word of caution, you might want to question him his style. It could be that he’s clients would have had a different taste and their share of poses ready. Then, demand what style you and your spouse want. Are you looking for traditional photography or candid one You could also ask him to blend the two.

2. What should be his key focus?

It’s your wedding and obviously you have a say in what needs to be focused by those camera lenses. Talk it out with the Wedding Photographer in advance about what you wish to see more of – whether it’s those rituals you wish to capture or your candid glances amidst the wedding or the close relatives. You could also prioritize what you actually want for him.

3. Is he the real photographer?

You spoke to him hours long about how you want the photos to be and then on the D-day you find out it’s someone else behind the lenses. Obviously, you don’t want that. It’s best to clarify in advance who you real photographer would be on the main day. This is because most companies outsource to freelancers and even guarantee the best of snaps.
Meet your photographer couple of times and build a rapport with him.

4. Whether he would be choreographing the shots or you’ll be asking
him to shoot as you fancy?

If you are getting married, sure you’ll have some poses in mind. It could also be you are quite blank about how you want certain photos to be clicked and need a photographer’s intervention. At such times, it would be better to spell out if he will be choreographing the snap or will leave you on your own. This question will also help to develop comfort zone & camaraderie.

5. What is his Refund policy?

We often ask for payment terms – how much in advance, how much on date but Refund/ Cancelation policy is something we suppress.
Yes we know that you would be wondering ‘how could you even..’ but you never know which emergency/ natural calamity could strike and you might need to reschedule your wedding. Clarify much, much in advance the cancelation/ refund policy to avoid any confusion later.

6. Has he shot on the venue before?

This point is more apt for an outdoor setting. Photographers have their creative specs open all the time and they’d be able to bring out most of your venue if you’d take them along the place and your special nooks. Trivial stuff like guiding them where the stage would be, where the entrance would be, would help them visualize much in advance. This will also help them in gauging the suitable lighting.

7. Has he shot your religion/ caste before?

You may have given him all the details of important rituals and their timing but it’s still mandatory asking him if he has shot in your caste ever before. Your wedding consists of little detailed rituals that you sure would wish to capture. Again, you may consider ranking the rituals and providing him with a tentative agenda so he can plan his meals and rest accordingly.

8. What about Backup camera/ lenses/ batteries?

He could be a great photographer but technological proficiency cannot be overlooked. Make sure he knows the technical aspects very well. If you are well versed with it, you could also question him on the kind of lenses he uses or take along a friend who knows the photography equipment in and out.

9. What about working beyond said hours?

Needless to say Indian weddings are dragged hours long and of course delays are natural. Ask your wedding photographer his plan for the entire day before & later. Clarify whether he’ll be waiting till all
the ceremonies/ rituals are over. What would be his extra charges for the same?

Bonus for reading the entire article! You can simply download the WedMeGood’s wedding planning app and find wedding photographers & all other vendors in your budget and preference. You can also check their portfolio, real albums, and reviews before shortlisting few for you. 
Additionally, to have candid pictures, let your photographer once have a word with your close family members. There could be a couple of points you’d be missing on. There have been several instances where out of nowhere your abroad Chachi decides to turn up & give you a surprise and you sure wish to seize that moment! 

Help your photographer with a VIP list/ close relatives so he knows whom should he focus on.

Lastly, if you have pets during weddings, ask him to snap them too! Years later, you’ll thank him for that one snap where your pug wags his tail !

Once these questions are sorted, relax ! You are all covered!

Which of these points do you think is the most important one? Any point we are missing on? Share in the comments below!

Also, if you think this article could help any of your friends, who are about to get married, then spread a word by Sharing across Facebook or simply Whatsapp-ing them the link from the tab below!

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